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Animals: Food and Feeding Habits

All animals need food to stay alive. They need food to grow. They need food to get energy. Animals eat different kinds of food. On the basis of the food they eat, animals can be divided into:
1. Herbivores
2. Carnivores
3. Omnivores.


Animals that feed on plants or plant products are called herbivores or herbivorous animals.

Cows, elephants, giraffes, horses, zebras, etc. are herbivores.


Animals that feed on the flesh of other animals are called carnivores or carnivorous animals.

Tiger, lion, snake, cat, vulture, crocodile, shark, etc. feed on the flesh of other animals.


Animals that feed on both plants and flesh of other animals are called omnivores or omnivorous animals.

Dogs, bears, crows, etc. are omnivores.

Note: Man is also an omnivore because he eats both plant products as well as meat and eggs.

Feeding Habits

You know that different animals eat different kinds of food. They also have different ways of eating. Their eating habits depend on the type of food they eat. Let us learn about the feeding habits of some animals.

Some Animals Just Swallow Food:

Animals such as lizards, frogs, snakes and crocodiles swallow their whole food. They neither bite nor chew their food.

Animals That Tear Flesh:

Animals such as lions, tigers, cheetahs and wolves kill other animals. They have long sharp teeth to tear the flesh.

Some Animals Chew Cud:

Animals like horses, cows, buffaloes, camels and goats first nibble grass, leaves and other parts of the plants. They swallow their food without chewing it. After sometime when they relax, they bring swallowed food back into their mouths; and chew it with their strong broad-back teeth. This process is called chewing the cud.

Animals That Gnaw:

Animals like rats, rabbits and squirrels their food. They eat fruits, nuts and grains. They have sharp chisel like front teeth in the upper and lower jaws. These teeth help them in continuous biting of seeds and fruits. These animals are also called rodents.

Animals That Eat Both Plants and Flesh:

Animals such as bears, jackals and wolves eat both plants and flesh.

Feeding Habits of Some Other Animals

Small animals like mosquitoes and leeches suck the blood of other animals.

Care of Domestic Animals

Animals need our love, protection and care. They serve us in many ways. We should take proper care of them. We should give them proper food and clean water. We should provide them clean shelters. We should take sick animals to a veterinary doctor. A veterinary doctor treats sick animals.

Important Points

1. Animals also need food.
2. We can group animals into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.
3. Domestic animals and pets depend on us for food.
4. Body structure like mouth, teeth, jaws, paws, etc. of animals suits the food they eat.
5. Plant-eating animals have flat back teeth to grind the parts of plants or grass.
6. Flesh-eating animals have short, sharp and pointed teeth to tear the flesh of their prey.
7. Many flesh-eating animals swallow their prey whole.
8. There are some animals like rabbits, rats and squirrels that gnaw.

Select correct option for Questions given below:


Which animal can crack bones?

[A]. Tiger
[B]. Horse
[C]. Goat

Which animal has suckers to suck blood?

[A]. Butterfly
[B]. Leech
[C]. Rat

A food chain always starts with a/an

[A]. Insect
[B]. Bird
[C]. Plant

Which animal chews the cud?

[A]. Lion
[B]. Cow
[C]. Frog

Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the given words: (working, frog, herbivores, trunk, omnivores)

1. Animals that feed on plants are called ____________.
2. ___________ eat both plants and animals.
3. Animals that help us in our work are called _______ animals.
4. A ____________ shoots out its sticky tongue to catch insects.
5. An elephant uses it’s ____________ to take shower.

1. Herbivores
2. omnivores
3. working
4. frog
5. trunk

Match the Animals with Their Food:

Hen(a) Flesh
Frog(b) Grass
Dog(c) Grains
Cheetah(d) Bone
Horse(e) Insects

1. c
2. e
3. d
4. a
5. b

Why do animals need food?

Animals need food to stay alive, to grow and get energy.

What are herbivores?

Animals that feed on plants or plant products are called herbivores or herbivorous animals.

What type of teeth do the plant-eating animals have?

Herbivores have broad, flat molars (back teeth) with rough surfaces, which are used for grinding up tough plant tissues. Many herbivores (like squirrels) have chisel-like front teeth used for gnawing through wood or hard seeds.

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