NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Science Chapter 1 Living and Non-living Things all question answers updated for new academic session 2023-24 free to use online or download for offline use. These study material for class 3 Science is useful for all the students studying in CBSE and State board. In chapter 1 of class 3 Science, we will study about the properties of living and non-living things with the help of various colorful pictures.

Study Material for Class 3 Science Chapter 1

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Living and Non-living Things

There are many things on the earth. We can group them into living and nonliving things.

Living things

Living things have life. All living things are natural. Human beings cannot make them. Plants and animals are the natural living things.

Non-living things

Non-living things do not have life. Non-living things may be natural or man-made. The sun, moon, stars, rivers, oceans and mountains are natural non-living things. Things such as aeroplanes, cars, books, tables and chairs are man-made non-living things.

Differences Between Living Things and Non-living Things

Living things have some special features that make them different from nonliving things. Some special features of living things have been given below:
1. Living things can move. Non-living things like chair, house, etc. cannot move on their own.
2. Living things can grow. Non-living things cannot grow on their own.
3. Living things can breathe but non-living things do not
4. Living things need food and water. Non-living things not required any food and water.
5. Living things can feel. There is no feeling in non-living things
6. Living things can reproduce. Non-living things do not reproduce.
7. Living things can die. Non-living things can destroy.

Important Points

1. We can group all the things into living things and non-living things.
2. Man, animals and plants are living things.
3. Living things move, grow, feed, feel, breathe and reproduce.
4. Some animals move on their feet, some swim in the water and some fly in the sky.
5. Man grows for a certain period of time but plants grow throughout their life time.
6. Plants breathe through the tiny holes present in their leaves.
7. Reproduction means giving birth to young ones.

Select correct option for given questions:


Which of the following is a non-living thing?

[A]. Dog
[B]. Plant
[C]. Girl
[D]. Ship

Which of the following animals has more than four feet?

[A]. Dog
[B]. Lion
[C]. Elephant
[D]. Centipede

Which of the following things need food?

[A]. Cat
[B]. Boat
[C]. Lungs
[D]. Book

Human beings have ____________ to breathe.

[A]. Heart
[B]. Brain
[C]. Lungs
[D]. Stomach

Which of the following animals lays eggs?

[A]. Snake
[B]. Dog
[C]. Cow
[D]. Elephant

Write “True” (T) or “False” (F):

1. Animals cannot make their food.
2. Human beings breathe through lungs.
3. Plants and animals are living things.
4. Plants move from place to place.
5. Non-living things do not grow.

1. T
2. T
3. T
4. F
5. T

Fill in the blanks with suitable words: (move, grows, living, reproduction, express)

1. Men, animals and plants are _________________ beings.
2. Living things ________________ from one place to another.
3. A baby plant ________________ into a tree.
4. Plants do not _________________ their feelings.
5. _________________ means giving birth to young ones.

1. living
2. move
3. grow
4. express
5. reproduction

Which are the main sense organs of animals?

Main sense organs of animals are eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin

How do plants reproduce?

Plants reproduce through seeds, leaves, roots and stems.

Why do animals move from place to place?

All Living things can move from one place to another place in search of food, water and shelter.

How do green plants make their food?

How do green plants make their food?

Plants make their own food with the help of air, water and sunlight. The food making process in plants is called photosynthesis.

Do the plants have sense organs?

Plants do not have sense organs, still they feel.

Living and Non-living Things
NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Science Chapter 1
Class 3 Science Chapter 1 Living and Non-living Things
Class 3 Science Chapter 1
Class 3 Science Living and Non-living Things
Class 3 Science Chapter 1 Living Things
Class 3 Science Chapter 1 Living and Non-living Things question answers