Class 1 GK General Knowledge Questions and Answers Book in PDF based on new syllabus CBSE 2024-25. Get here 42 topics for Class 1 General Awareness with Questions and Answers in the format of text and pictures.

Class 1 GK General Knowledge

Importance of GK in Class 1

It is very important for students to have a solid general knowledge. No matter what class they are in, especially at a young age, so that the foundation can be good and in future the study of general knowledge seems really common. The chapters based on Important GK Questions for Class 1 students given here which give them a strong foundation in General Knowledge. All these questions are taken from different types of main innovative topics.

By reading all these chapters carefully, the interest of the students in general knowledge will also increase and it will also help in increasing awareness and laying the foundation for the future. We have come up with a list of basic general knowledge which is an essential reading material for the students just like the main subjects. Here we have come up with a list of some important questions based on General Knowledge for the first level students.

Study Material for Class 1 GK – General Knowledge

Here is a list of important questions for class 1 students to improve and enhance their general knowledge. GK Questions for Class I have been prepared by the questions experts of Tiwari Academy to help the students to expand and improve their General Knowledge. There are many benefits of knowing GK questions for first grade students.

As they will know new records and from childhood they will become aware in that direction. These type of GK questions make the students more curious and excited to learn new things. They try to know the answer to the question and also express their opinion in front of others. Thus they will become more aware of their environment, country, world and the latest global developments.

Ways to increase general knowledge in Class 1

In the early age, the development of knowledge in the students happens very quickly and at this time of development, it is important to be aware and up to date with the latest GK questions. Through this, students can easily improve their general knowledge based on various topics and subjects. Students of class 1 should watch TV for at least half an hour a day which also includes news etc. News channels keep you informed about every event happening around the world. The best time to watch news is at night so that you can know about the news of the day.

Development and revision of general knowledge from newspapers

Be it TV or newspaper, these are one of the best ways to increase general knowledge in today’s era. Children should inculcate the habit of reading newspapers from the very beginning. This not only increases general knowledge but also develops the habit of reading. Studying the articles given in the newspapers brings concentration in the mind, which also creates trends in other subjects.

Students should start by reading articles of their choice in newspapers to generate the further interest in new papers. Once reading becomes interesting, it remains for a long time. That’s why some older people still have the habit of reading. First read the newspaper when you wake up, if you don’t have time then try to read just the headline and do read it in the afternoon or evening, when you get time.

Why is general knowledge importance for 1st graders?

Comprehensive information is important for students of all age groups, including those in class 1 (the American equivalent of first grade). It helps students understand the things around them and make connections between different subjects. It also helps in critical thinking and problem solving.
For class 1, General Knowledge can be a fun and engaging way to learn about new topics and spark their curiosity about the world. It also helps them build vocabulary and language skills, as they learn new words and concepts. In addition, having a strong GK – General Knowledge base sets the stage for success in future studies, as it helps students make connections between different areas of study and understand more complex concepts as they progress in their education.

How to prepare for General Knowledge in class 1?

Here are some tips to prepare for class 1 general knowledge (GK) preparation:

    1. Review the syllabus: Make sure you clearly understand what topics will be covered in the exam. This will help you focus on your studies and ensure that you are well prepared.
    2. Practice memorizing information: A good way to prepare for the GK exam is to practice memorizing information from memory. This may involve reviewing flash cards or asking questions about different topics.
    3. Experiential learning: Encourage the child to learn about new things through hands-on experiences, such as visiting a museum or taking a nature walk. These types of experiences help improve their learning and also help reinforce new concepts.
    4. Use study materials: There are many materials available to help students prepare for GK exams, such as GK books, Cards and online quizzes. Encourage students to use these tools to supplement and test their knowledge.
    5. Get enough rest: Make sure the student gets enough rest and rest on the day of the exam. This helps increase their focus and concentration, leading to better performance in the exam.
    6. Be positive and encourage your child: Encourage your child to stay positive and believe in his ability to do well in exams. Give them words of encouragement and praise, and remind them that it’s normal for them to worry about exams, but they can do their best if they stay focused and work hard.

How to prepare for general knowledge in class 1?

The best sources for general knowledge in any class are books which express all the facts of GK in detail. Reading books is considered very effective for the enhancement of general awareness. This is an old and school based technology. By reading a book with concentration, the facts and concepts get directly into the mind, which helps in remembering them better. Students can mark the important points and repeat them in less time at the time of iteration. This will help them to find the important parts of the book more easily. Apart from this, students should also surf social media and internet to stay up to date. Along with entertainment, it also presents excellent information in a creative way.

How to remember General Knowledge based questions and answers for a long time by class 1 students?

The reading of magazines based on different topics, the questions from the previous ones are repeated again and again. While reading a magazine, the student repeats something he has read and learns something new. It is indeed one of the most effective ways that can be easily used to keep your knowledge strong. Magazines are readily available at home, at school, or in libraries, so they are also a highly accessible resource. Testing our knowledge also boosts our morale. Unless the student tests his knowledge he cannot gain his confidence. Therefore, students are advised to keep doing some GK quiz from time to time so that they can get a better understanding of current events assessment.

What are the benefits of learning subjects like General Knowledge from class 1 onward?

General Knowledge subject is an important subject like other subjects through which student can increase your knowledge in various fields. Through this, the student becomes aware about the various happenings in the society. GK makes the students aware about the events from ancient history to the present. It can make you clear, confident and quick to answer questions during any competition. Therefore, students of class 1 must study general knowledge. There is no specific book or syllabus to read it. This subject is strengthened only when read with constant awareness. Whenever you get time, do discuss various topics with your friends. Test your knowledge to see how much of what you have read has been memorized.

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