NCERT Solutions Offline Apps (App APK)

Best NCERT Solutions Offline Apps (App APK) 2020-21 Downloads (use Online or Offline) for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Science, English, Hindi, Social Science, गणित, विज्ञान, etc.

to use offline. Download NCERT Solutions, share as well as use APK of solutions in offline or online mode. Ask Your Questions and Reply to your friends through Discussion Forum.

NCERT Solutions Offline Online Apps

Class:6th to 12th
Contents:Offline & Online Apps

NCERT Solutions Offline Apps (APK)

NCERT Solutions App 2020-2021 for all classes (works online – internet required) and all subjects in English Medium and हिंदी मीडियम is given below. It also contains NCERT Books along with the solutions.

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Class 6 NCERT Solutions apps includes the changes made in CBSE Syllabus for the academic session 2020-2021. We have updated Class 6 Maths App in Hindi as well as English Medium according the changes made by CBSE.

Class 7 NCERT Solutions Offline apps are given below to download free. All offline apps works without internet once download. If you find any mistake or update, please call or WhatsApp us or post through Discussion Forum, we will try to do the same as soon as possible.

Download NCERT Solutions apps for class 8 in Hindi and English Medium to use it offline. If it is not working on your phone, contact us, we will definitely help you. Download NCERT Books and apps based on latest CBSE Syllabus 2020-21.

Class 9 NCERT Solutions Offline apps are given below updated for new academic session 2020-21 to download free and use offline. Changes in the files, present inside the apps, are made as per the suggestion of students or users. For any further suggestions related to NIOS or CBSE Board, please visit to Discussion Forum.

Class 10 CBSE NCERT solutions apps are given below to download free and use offline updated for session 2020-21. We made the changes in PDFs of solutions, as per your suggestion.

We are working for all subjects of class 11 & 12. Very soon all the NCERT Solutions apps related to class 11 & 12 Maths in Hindi, Physics in Hindi and English Medium, Chemistry in Hindi & English, etc. will be available to download.

Feeback & Suggestions

We are working for both Hindi Medium as well English Medium for all most all subjects from class 6th to class 12th for session 2020-2021. This page will provide the links of best NCERT Solutions apps (APKs) as released on Google Play Store or App Store.

Frequently Asked Questons – FAQ on Offline Apps

Which is the best App for NCERT Solutions?
There are so many apps available on Play Store and App Store. Just visit and check review to download. Apps are available in Hindi Medium, English Medium, etc. Its upon your need, select and download. Tiwari Academy provides English Medium and Hindi Medium contents in the same app. The App you like most is the best for you.
Are there apps which works without internet?
Offline apps are made for this purpose. Once it is downloaded, there is no need of internet at all.
Are Tiwari Academy Apps free of cost?
Not only Apps but also all the contents of Tiwari Academy are free to use.
Are Offline Apps available in Hindi Medium?
Offline Apps are available in Hindi Medium as well as English Medium.
Is Login required to download Apps?
Some apps have made it compulsory. In Tiwari Academy Apps, there is no need to login at all. Just download and start using.