NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb (Textbook in English for class VII) covering prose and poetry and An Alien Hand (Supplementary Reader) updated for academic session 2021-2022 based on new NCERT Books.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English

Class: 7English
Books:Honeycomb and An Alien Hand

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English – Honeycomb

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English covers all the exercises given at the end of the chapter of Honeycomb, like working with the text, working with the poem, reading and writing section, working with the language, etc. Download Offline Apps for session 2021-22 free from Play Store or App Store.

An Alien Hand – The Supplementary Reader for class 7 English

An Alien Hand – The Supplementary Reader for class 7 English contains the following sections like the question – answers given at the end of each chapter. The summery and Hindi translations will be available in session 2021-22 for free.

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Important Questions of Class 7 English – An Alien Hand

In what ways is an ant’s life peaceful?

An ant’s life is peaceful because it does it`s work with intelligence and bravery and never fights with other members of the group. Each member has a designated place to stay and a definite work to do. A soldier ant never goes out in search of food and similarly a worker never enters the zone of a soldier ant. No worker or soldier has ever harmed any grub. Each one does their duty with loyalty and diligence and relentlessly carries on with their work peacefully. They know sharing and contribution and do not interfere in each other’s work.

How long does it take for a grub to become a complete ant?

It takes two or three weeks for a grub to become a cocoon. After another three weeks the cocoon breaks and a complete ant appears.

Finding good twigs for Kari took a long time. Why?

Finding twigs and saplings for Kari was not an easy job. His friend had to climb all kinds of trees to get the most delicate and tender twigs. Kari was very fond of the young branches of the banyan tree which grows like a cathedral of leaves and branches. One has to have a very sharp hatchet to cut down these twigs; it took half an hour to sharpen the hatchet because if a twig is mutilated an elephant will not touch it.

Kari was like a baby. What are the main points of comparison?

Kari was like a baby. He had to be trained to be good and if you did not tell him when he was naughty, he was up to more mischief than ever.

A camel can do without water for days together. What is the reason given in the text?

A camel can do without water for days together because they are adaptable to the desert conditions, they sweat very little. They can withstand high body temperature. They can retain water in their hump which they drink for long period of time.

How do the smaller desert animals fulfil their need for water?

The smaller animals living in a desert fulfil their need for water by making holes or burrows under the earth during the hot. They come out at night to eat. Some of these animals eat other animals and get water needed by them from the moisture in the meat. Other animals eat plants and seeds and get the water they need from plant juices.

What was Soapy’s first plan? Why did it not work?

Soapy’s first plan was to have a dinner at a fine restaurant and then he would tell them that he does not have money to pay for the bill .He thought that by doing so the cops will arrest him and then the judge would punish him for three months in the prison on Blackwell’s Island. This plan was not successful because when the head waiter saw his broken old shoes and the torn clothes that covered his legs, he didn’t allow him to enter the restaurant. Rather the head waiter turned Soapy around and made him go out of the restaurant.

Whom does Golu ask, “Why don’t you ever fly like other birds?”

Golu asked his lofty aunt, the ostrich, “Why don’t you ever fly like other birds?”

Which uncle of Golu had red eyes?

Golu’s gigantic uncle, the hippopotamus had red eyes.

Why is Mr Purcell compared to an owl?

Mr Purcell is being compared to an owl because of the large glasses which magnified his eyes and gave him the looks of a wise and amiable owl.

What did the bear eat? There were two things he was not allowed to do. What were they?

He ate the food which was given to the dogs and often from the same plate like bread, porridge, potato, cabbage, turnip etc. He liked to eat fruit the most. Two things which he was not allowed to do were to climb trees and touch the beehives.

When was the bear tied up with a chain? Why?

He was tied up with a chain whenever he did some mischief. He was also put in chain at nights and every Sunday when his mistress went out to spend the afternoon with her married sister. This was done because it was not good for him to wander about in the forest which had all those things which could tempt so it was better to make it stay tied with a chain to keep it safe.

Why did Abbu Khan’s goats want to run away? What happened to them in the hills?

Abbu Khan’s goats wanted to run away because the goats in hilly regions like to roam around freely in the hilly area rather than being tied to trees or poles. They like to be free and his goats were the best hill breed. In the hills, they were killed by an old wolf who lived in the hills.

Abbu Khan said, “No more goats in my house ever again.” Then he changed his mind. Why?

Abbu Khan changed his mind because he was dreadfully lonely and so he couldn’t live without his pets. He needs some type of company for himself.

Where was the tiger cub hiding when Grandfather found him?

Grandfather found the tiger cub hiding among the elaborate roots of a banyan tree.

What did Tilloo hope to see once he emerged from his underground home?

Tilloo hoped to see the sun or the stars once he came out from his underground home.

Why did Tilloo’s father advise him not to try to reach the surface of the planet?

Tilloo’s father advised him not to try to go to the surface of the planet because ordinary people cannot survive there. The air is there is too thin to breathe and temperature is very low which can make anyone freeze to death.

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