NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 5

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 5

Sybject:English – Honeycomb
Chapter 5:Quality

7 English Chapter 5 Question – Answers

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Class 7 English Chapter 5 Passages for Comprehension

One went in, not as into most shops, but restfully, as one enters a church, and sitting on the single wooden chair, waited. A guttural sound, and the tip-tap of his slippers beating the narrow wooden stairs and he would stand before one without coat, a little bent, in leather apron, with sleeves turned back, blinking—as if awakened from some dream of boots.
And I would say, “How do you do, Mr Gessler? Could you make me a pair of Russian-leather boots?”
1. How was the shop of Mr. Gessler different from the other shops?
2. What kind of boots did the author want?
3. Find a word from the passage which meaning is opposite of ‘asleep’.
As best I could, I explained the circumstances of those ill-omened boots. But his face and voice made so deep an impression that during the next few minutes I ordered many pairs. They lasted longer than ever. And I was not able to go to him for nearly two years.
It was many months before my next visit to his shop. This time it appeared to be his elder brother, handling a piece of leather.
1. Why was author not able to go to Gessler for nearly two years?
2. Why did the author order many pairs of shoes?
3. Why did he think it was Gessler’s elder brother at the shop?
“Dey get id all,” he said, “dey get id by advertisement, nod by work. Dey take id away from us, who lofe our boods. Id gomes to dis— bresently I haf no work. Every year id gets less. You will see.” And looking at his lined face I saw things I had never noticed before, bitter things and bitter struggle and what a lot of grey hairs there seemed suddenly in his red beard!
1. Who is ‘he’ referred here?
2. Why was he so disturbed?
3. What do ‘grey hairs’ suggest?

Class 7 English Chapter 5 Suggested Answers of Passages

Comprehension Passage I – Answers
1. The shop of Mr. Gessler was different from the other shops because it was a simple and quiet place. One entered it peacefully as if one entered church.
2. The author wanted a pair of Russian leather boots.
3. The opposite of ‘asleep’ is ‘awakened’.
Comprehension Passage II – Answers
1. The author was not able to go to Gessler’s shop for two years because the boots lasted longer than ever.
2. Mr. Gessler’s face and voice made so deep an impression that the author ordered many pairs of shoes.
3. The author thought that it was the elder brother because he looked very aged and wan.
Comprehension Passage III – Answers
1. ‘He’ referrers to Mr. Gessler.
2. He was so disturbed because he lost his good customers because the big firms grabbed them by advertisement.
3. ‘Grey hairs’ suggest that he was ageing very fast because of tension in his mind.

Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 5 – Important Questions

What was the author’s opinion about Mr Gessler as a bootmaker?

According to the author, Mr. Gessler was one of the best shoemaker in the city. Their shop had quiet distinction. He made only what was ordered and whatever he made never failed to fit. The boot that he made seemed mysterious and wonderful. He was perfect for his job.

Why did the author visit the shop so infrequently?

The boots that Mr. Gessler made lasted terribly longer. It was like having something beyond temporary. They had essence of boot stitched into them. Therefore, the author visited the shop so infrequently.

What was the effect on Mr Gessler of the author’s remark about a certain pair of boots?

When author made remarks on a certain pair of boots, Mr Gessler gazed at him surprisingly for a while expecting the author to withdraw or qualify his statement. He said the some are bad from birth and asked the author to get the pair back and if he could do nothing of them then he would take them off his bill.

What was Mr Gessler’s complaint against “big firms”?

Mr Gessler’s had a complaint against “big firms” that they didn’t have self-respect. This was the first time ever he discussed about the hardships of his trade with the author. Mr Gessler added further that they got their business by advertisement not by work. Every year, sales for Mr Gessler were declining because of them and soon he would be left with no job.

Why did the author order so many pairs of boots? Did he really need them?

The author got shocked and filled with sorrow when he came to know about the death of Mr Gessler’s elder brother. In order to help him, he ordered so many pairs of boots which he really didn’t need.

Do you think Mr Gessler was a failure as a bootmaker or as a competitive businessman?

Mr Gessler was a perfect artist for his job which was making custom shoes. The boots he made lasted very longer than of its competitors. He was not a rich wealthy guy. He never advertised for his product. The big firms were ahead of him in advertising due to which his sales were declining every year. Hence we can say he was a very good bootmaker but failed to become a competitive businessman.

What is the significance of the title? To whom or to what does it refer?

Mr Gessler made boots on order. They were made to perfection with best quality of leather. The title signifies the importance of quality in products. It refers to the boots made my Mr Gessler.

What are the games or human activities which use trees, or in which trees also ‘participate’?

The games or human activities which use trees are getting raw material for different purposes, making houses, playing hide and seek, giving shade from scorching heat in summer, fire camp parties in winter, fruits and many more.

“Trees are to make no shade in winter.” What does this mean?

During winter time, we need sunlight to protect us from the cold winds and we do not need the cool shades of tree as it is already cold. Whereas in summers, we need to protect ourselves from bright and glaring sun rays and trees provide us with cool shade.

“Trees are for apples to grow on, or pears.” Do you agree that one purpose of a tree is to have fruit on it? Or do you think this line is humorous?

Yes, one purpose of trees is to have fruits on it be it apple or pears. This line is not humorous but absolutely appropriate as apple and pears are most common fruit so poet used these two fruits name.

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