NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 6

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 6 Expert Detectives and Poem 6 Mystery of the Talking Fan is given below free to download in PDF format updated for session 2021-2022 based on new NCERT Books.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 6

Subject:English – Honeycomb
Chapter 6:Expert Detectives

7 English Chapter 6 Question – Answers

Question – Answers of Class 7 English Reader book – Honeycomb Chapter 6 Expert Detectives & Poem 6 Mystery of the Talking Fan are given below for free. NCERT Solutions and apps based on these solutions for 2021-22 are available for new academic session 2021-2022.

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Class 7 English Chapter 6 Passages for Comprehension

“Perhaps the police had to set his house on fire to force him out,” I suggested. Seven looked unsure.
On the Monday following Mamma’s birthday, Seven went alone with her to the clinic at Girgaum as I was spending the evening with a school friend. When they returned, Nishad told me he’d been to see Mr Nath and I felt most annoyed that I hadn’t been there.
1. Who is ‘I’ here?
2. Who was Mr. Nath?
3. Why had Seven been upset?
“Well done, Nishad,” I told him. “Now that we’ve made some progress with our inquiries, we’ll have to sort out all the facts like expert detectives so that we can trap the crook.”
“How you do go on, Maya,” Seven sighed. “How can you possibly imagine he’s a crook? He looks so ordinary!”
“Criminals can look quite ordinary, smarty,” I retorted. “Did you see the picture of the Hyderabadi housebreaker in the papers yesterday? He looked like any man on the street.” Nishad looked doubtful.
1. Why was the narrator happy with Nishad?
2. Who is a crook?
3. Form the adjective from ‘doubt’.
Nishad had obviously not been paying too much attention to my list of facts. All he could say was, “Poor man, Maya, he must be so lonely if he doesn’t have any friends.”
“How can a crook have friends, idiot?” I almost shouted.
“At least he has one friend, the one who meets him on Sundays,” said Nishad.
1. Write any tow facts that Maya had stated about Mr. Nath.
2. Why does Maya think Sunday visitor is?
3. Find one abstract noun from the passage.

Class 7 English Chapter 6 Suggested Answers of Passages

Comprehension Passage I – Answers
1. The narrator ‘Maya’ is ‘I’ here.
2. Mr. Nath was the patient of Nishad and Maya’s doctor-mother.
3. Seven had been upset about Mr. Nath’s sickly appearance.
Comprehension Passage II – Answers
1. The narrator was happy with Nishad because he had got information about Mr. Nath form Ramesh.
2. A crook is a criminal.
3. The adjective of ‘doubt’ is ‘doubtful’.
Comprehension Passage III – Answers
1. The two facts that Maya had stated about Mr. Nath were (i) He does not talk to anyone and is manner less. (ii) He does not receive any letters.
2. Maya thinks that Sunday visitor is Mr. Nath’s helper in crime.
3. The abstract noun from the passage is ‘attention’.

Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 6 – Important Questions

What did Nishad give Mr Nath? Why?

Nishad was quite upset about Mr Nath’s gaunt appearance and was sure that he was starving. He gave a bar of chocolate to Mr. Nath so that we would not feel hungry.

What is “strange” about Mr Nath’s Sundays?

Mr Nath had the same visitor every Sunday carrying two lunches to his room. He was tall, fair, stout man wearing spectacles. The visitor used to talk a lot unlike Mr. Nath.

Why did Nishad and Maya get a holiday?

The school was to reopen after summer vacation. But monsoon broke and flooded the streets with a heavy downpour. Dark clouds accompanied by blinding flashes of lightening and roaring rolls of thunder burst with all their fury. Therefore, no traffic could move through the flooded roads so Nishad and Maya got an unexpected holiday.

Why does Maya think Mr Nath is a crook? Who does she say the Sunday visitor is?

Maya thinks that Mr. Nath is a crook because of his strange appearance. He never works. He has been living in Shankar House for more than a year but still he never talks to anyone there. His face is full of scars which according to Maya, must has been the burn scars which would have got when police had set his house on fire. Moreover, he doesn’t receive any letters and has only one visitor to visit him. She says that the Sunday visitor must be his accomplice in crime and he comes every now and then to give part of it to his partner.

Does Nishad agree with Maya about Mr Nath? How does he feel about him?

No, Nishad has different opinions for Mr. Nath. He doesn’t agree with Maya about Mr. Nath. He feels that Mr. Nath is lonely and needs to have friends. He says that he is not a criminal because he is so thin and looks poor and starving. He argues with Maya that he can’t be a bad man if he gives Ramesh such generous tips.

Who do you think Mr Nath is? Write a paragraph or two about him.

Mr. Nath is a patient of the doctor mother of Maya and Nishad. He is a thin person who has suffered a lot during his life. He is a man with simple nature and always takes simple meals. He is a genuine person and pays cash for his food. He is generous and pays tips generously. Maya considers Mr. Nath a criminal but Nishad’s attitude is sympathetic towards Mr. Nath. I think Mr. Nath is a lonely person with poor health conditions.

What else do you think Nishad and Maya will find out about him? How? Will they ever be friends? Think about these questions and write a paragraph or two to continue the story.

Nishad and Maya agree to cooperate in their enquiry about Mr. Nath. They manage to get a chance to open his trunk. They would like to know from their mother how he got scars on his face. They start a dialogue also with Mr. Nath. They find him sweet, friendly and lonely.

Fans don’t talk, but it is possible to imagine that they do. What is it, then, that sounds like the fan’s chatter?

Yes, we can imagine that fans talk as the poet imagines in the poem but in reality they do not talk. The chattering sound which the fans make is actually some problem or defect in them which can be due to not oiling them or some electrical fault.

What do you think the talking fan was demanding?

The talking fan was demanding its care be it the oiling of its little whirling motor or repair of it’s any other part or the metallic blades.

How does an electric fan manage to throw so much air when it is switched on?

The electric fan is able to throw so much air when it is switched due to the huge amount of power it gets from electricity which helps to rotate its whirling motor as well as the metallic blade so fast.

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