NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold all chapters in PDF file format updated for academic session 2021-2022. All the questions are given with proper explanation in simple language.

Class 5 English Book solutions are easy to understand. Extra books for class 5 are also given to practice well for exams as well to know more about their chapter’s concepts.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold

Class: 5English
Books:Marigold and Additional Book
Contents:NCERT Solutions

Chapter wise solutions for class 5 English Marigold

Topic wise solutions for class 5 English Reader (Additional Practice Book) all chapters in simple language fabricated with attractive pictures and design. All the chapters of class 5 English are given below for academic session 2021-2022.

Class 5 English Reader (Additional Book for practice)

Chapter 1: Picture that come Alive
Chapter 2: The Unsinkable Ship
Chapter 3: Magic Lamp
Chapter 4: A Pet for Supriya
Chapter 5: Briar Rose
Chapter 6: The Fruits of Labour
Chapter 7: Freddie
Chapter 8: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Chapter 9: Magic on the Screen
Chapter 10: The Magic Pot
Chapter 11: Under the Sea
Chapter 12: My Tree
Chapter 13: Sachin Tendulkar
Chapter 14: The Jungle Book
Chapter 15: Snow White
Chapter 16: The Buddha
Chapter 17: Desert Animals
Chapter 18: An Indian Scientist
Chapter 19: Four Clever Men
Chapter 20: Avin’s Accident
Chapter 21: The Happy Prince
Chapter 22: The Camel

NCERT Book’s solution and extra book’s exercises for class 5 English are given for practice free of cost. All the topics are covered through these additional practice book. You can download the latest NCERT Books for class 5 English with answers of questions given in end exercises.

What are the main chapters of Class 5 English?

All the chapters are equally important. We have provided some additional chapter’s which are very easy to learn and helpful to understand the terms related to class 5 English NCERT. These chapters contains the basic words which are frequently used and moral stories.

How many books are there in Class 5 English subject?

As per NCERT, there is only one book for class 5 English, which is Marigold. It has total 10 units. In each units, two or three topics are given for exercises.