NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 8

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 8 Nobody’s Friend and The Little Bully taken from NCERT textbook Marigold covering the syllabus for current academic session 2021-2022.

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Class 5 English Unit 8 Nobody’s Friend – Summary

This is a beautiful poem about the friendship and 3 kids how they are not sharing their sweets and toys and one of them she is open to sharing the only apple she got and her toys.
In this poem the where 2 kids have their toys and they do not want to share it with others and they want to eat it alone and play with it alone. Do you think other kids will like to play with them? NO. Because all the kids want to play with other kids whether it is a Tea party in Dollhouse or Boys playing with their cars and train.

On the other side third girl is sharing her fruits and lending her toys to play. All the other kids will come to her to play with her and she will be able to make friends.
The poet (Enid Blyton) did good writing for this poem and share the information on how to make friends.

5th English Chapter 8 The Little Bully – Summary

The story is not so long ago. A kid named Hari was strong and not so tall. He was naughty and like to pinch and hurt other kids. Which is why nobody likes him. Other kids tried to hurt him back but then he hurt them even harder. Kids tried to complain to teachers but it was like telling them stories.

One Fine day the teacher decided to take them for the picnic to the seaside. During the journey they’re in the train no kid sits next to him as he used to pinch them. When they reached the seaside all the kids were happy and screaming and shouting with happiness and excitement. Everyone was holding each other’s hand but nobody held Hari’s hand. Hari got angry and sat in a corner on the sandy dune. He saw his lunch It was a good lunch but he wouldn’t want to share it with anyone.

He suddenly heard a voice greeted him saying “Hello I am happy to meet a kid like you”. It was a giant monster crab and it raised its strong claw to shook hands and Hari held it with anger crab pinched it so hard that Hari yelled and then another King lobster came out of the pool and pinched Hari on the other hand and Hari screamed again.

Then more shrimps and crabs came out and pinched him. Saying “they heard he likes it and he is champion pincher. It asked him to join the party.” Hari ran away crying and his entire lunch fell into the pool. Hari saw his lunch and realize that the crabs did exactly what he did to the other kids and that is why they don’t like him as he doesn’t like the crabs now. He promised himself that he will not hurt anyone anymore.

5th English Chapter 8 New Words and Meaning

BruiseA wound
Stalk Main stem

Reading is a Fun:

What are the things the girl does not want to share?

The girl does not want to share sweets and her books. She also does not share her doll with anyone.

Did the boy share his toffee and tricycle with others?

No, the boy did not share his toffees and tricycle with others.

Why are the two children nobody’s friends?

The two children are nobody’s friends because they do not share their things with anyone.

What does the child in the last stanza want to share?

The child in the last stanza wants to share his sweets, ball, books, games, apple and cake.

Let’s Talk:

Do you like to share your favourite food or toys with others? Why?

Yes, I like to share my favourite food or toys with others. Because I like to eat and play together.

Who is your best friend? Can you describe him/her?

Sonu is my best friend. He is very smart and intelligent. He loves me and likes to share things with me. We sit together in the class. Whenever I have some problems he helps me.

Suppose you and your friends were very thirsty and there was only one glass of water. What would you do?

If we both were thirsty and had one glass of water, we would share the glass of water.

If you had a bat, could you play cricket by yourself?

If I had a bat, I could not play cricket by myself.

Words ending with –less, like: friendless, homeless

(a) Useless
(b) Heartless
(c) Jobless

Write the opposite of
WordOpposite Word
Lend Borrow
Nobody Somebody
No Words:

(i) nobody
(ii) no
(iii) nowhere
(iv) no one
(v) none
(vi) nothing

Now write words that rhyme with:

Train- chain, pain, brain, again, lane, mane
Friend- bend, end, fend, lend, send

Let’s Write:

A friend in need is a friend indeed. What does this mean?

(i) We must be there for friends in trouble. This means we are human being and should help other specially friends when they are in trouble.
(ii) Only a good friend will be with us when we are in trouble. This means only true and close friends helps each other when needed.
(iii) There are some children who do not share their things with other friends. Such children fail to make friends. As a result, they have no friends. But at the same time there are many children who share their things with others. These children have many friends.

The Little Bully

Reading is Fun:

Why did all the children hate Hari? (i) Because he would not talk to anyone. (ii) Because he always pinched them. (iii) Because he loved stealing their food.

(ii) Because he always pinched them.

“Nobody took Hari’s hand. Nobody went near him. Nobody played with him.” This shows that Hari had: (i) many friends. (ii) few friends. (iii) no friends.

(iii) no friends.

Which of the following actions would make a friendly person? Write them down. Respecting other people. Eating a small child’s tiffin. Calling people rude names. Pushing a smaller boy and making him cry. Being helpful to everyone. Helping your classmates in school. Mocking at friends and hurting their feelings. Protecting a weaker person. Actions which would make a friendly person

(i) Respecting other people.
(ii) Being helpful to everyone.
(iii) Helping your classmates in school.
(iv) Protecting a weaker person.


Hari was pinched till he was black and blue ‘Black and blue’ means (i) Hari fell down in pain. (ii) There were bruises on his body. (iii) Hari painted himself in colours. (iv) Hari had a black and blue shirt.

(ii) There were bruises on his body.

‘I shan’t pinch anyone anymore’. Shan’t means. (i) shall (ii) should (iii) shall not (iv) will not

(iii) shall not

Give the full forms of: won’t, weren’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t

(i) won’t- Will not
(ii) weren’t- were not
(iii) wouldn’t- would not
(iv) couldn’t- could not

Words Ending with -ly

(i) pleasantly
(ii) loudly
(iii) eagerly
(iv) heavily
(v) eagerly

Use of -ly
Word-ly FormSentence
clear clearly That boy cannot speak clearly.
merry merrily Children celebrated the occasion merrily.
weary wearily I felt wearily in the evening.
double doubly In Africa, women and girls have been doubly disadvantaged.
dreary drearily His behaviour has been drearily predictable.
bright brightlyThe sun shone brightly.
Let’s Practice Some Wrinting:

1. How did the seaside creatures, the crab, the lobster etc. teach Hari a lesson? Write in a few lines.

These seaside creatures pinched Hari one by one. They kept on pinching till he turned black and blue and cried in pain. Afterwards Hari realised how it hurts when someone is pinched. He took a vow not to pinch children any more.

Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Articles.

(i) Hari was ______________ unpopular boy.

Hari was an unpopular boy.

(ii) The boys and girls went to ______________ seaside for a picnic.

The boys and girls went to the seaside for a picnic.

He saw ______________big crab coming towards him.

He saw a big crab coming towards him.

I found______________empty bottle, floating in the water.

I found an empty bottle, floating in the water.

Let’s Be Creative and Talk:

Children are playing on a ground. They are running here and there. Lata is bouncing a big ball. Two boys are playing badminton. Some girls are skipping. Everyone, enjoying the evening. I am watching them all and running the race with my friend.

when I dived in side sea I have seen so many species. A sunk ship looked like moving. There were so many shells. I picked up some dead shells to show my friends. Human waste was also there it had made the place untidy, a big octopus was lying there, might be sleeping. I saw fishes of different shapes and colors. I enjoyed the journey deep into the sea. It was the time to come back, and I just swam to the surface of the sea.