NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 6

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 6 Class Discussion The Talkative Barber Marigold prepared and updated for new CBSE academic session 2021-2022. All the answers are explained in simplified format so that students of standard 5 can understand easily.

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Class 5 English Chapter 6 Class Discussion – Summary

The author of this short story described the classroom scene where a discussion is going on about some topic almost all the students are coming up with their different opinions in Infront of the Teacher. Before ending the discussion being the responsible teacher, she asked Jane (one of the students), Why is she so silent and not sharing her opinion on this matter?

TO that Jane said, “there are many people in this world who are rather quiet you know”. This means In this world everyone is different some likes to talk and some don’t like to talk unless they’re being asked something.

5th English Chapter 6 New words and Meaning

DiscussionTalking to someone about something
AiredMake public
BarelyHardly, only just
StareLooking with eyes fixed on something.

Class 5 English Unit 6 The Talkative Barber – Summary

A long time ago there is King of a large kingdom, His queen is a good storyteller and every night she tells him a story and this a story about the Barber who can’t stop talking is from Arabic folklore Arabian night. The story of a king who asked the barber to come to his place and shaved his head, Barber came and before starting his work he started talking to the king. King got angry and asked him when is he going to shave his head and stop talking?
The barber felt bad and said he is the youngest child among his six brothers and also the quietest one. He named all six brothers Backbone, Barbara, Bakbac, Alcouz, Alnaschee, Schacabac. One is humpbacked, one is toothless, one is half-blind, one is completely blind, one is deaf and the other one has speech defects and they can talk great.

The king got angrier and asked to pay and let him go. He changed his mood and do not wish to shave his head. In which he replied politely he called him to shave his head he never wished to came in the palace so now he has to let him work or he will not leave. By hearing this king asked him to shave him as he has to attend to an important matter.

Then the barber started to work and washed and shaved half head of Sultan and again started talking to him. He has sultan what is the important matter that he wishes to address, so he could give him advice on that matter. King informed that he arranged a feast for his friends and which make the barber realize he also forgot that he invited his friends for the feast and now he doesn’t have food.

In desperation to get rid of him, the sultan offered his food to the barber if he could just complete the work. Barber agreed to receive it but he wishes to see if the food is enough, He went to see the food and then requested dessert too. King ordered to gave him dessert too till now he didn’t shave his head and making the king goes around the half-shaved head.

Unit 6 Word Meaning

Word Meaning
ChattererSomeone who talks a lot
OpinionThought about the matter from another person
DessertSweet dish
ExamineSurveying, Looking
At lengthIn a stretch

Let’s Read:

What activity was going on in the class?

A discussion was going on in the class.

Who was the quiet one in the class?

Jane was the quiet one in the class.

Why was she quiet?

she was quiet by nature.

How do you interact in class during discussions? Do you participate or remain quiet?

I always actively participate in class discussions. I don’t like to be quiet.

Think and write:

Choose two friends in your class who are very different from each other. Use the clues in the box to describe their nature. You may also add your own words to describe them. (naughty, lively, sharing, careless, studious, quiet, friendly, helpful, regular, cheerful)

Ravi and Chandan are two friends studying in my class. They sit always together. Their natures are totally opposite from each other. Ravi is naughty and careless whereas Chandan is friendly and careful. Ravi is very talkative and never be silent not even in the presence of the teacher. But Chandan is quiet and studious student. Chandan is also helpful by nature. His image is very good among teachers and students.

Let’s Talk:

What is a Discussion?

Discuss means to talk together or decide something. When you do this, you are taking part in a discussion.

Let’s Read and Do:

Children who show exceptional bravery are honoured with the bravery award to recognise their presence of mind.

Brave Girl Rakhi:
The incident took place on October 4 when the girl identified as Rakhi was playing with her 4-year-old brother and was attacked by the leopard, her aunt Madhu Devi said, giving details of the incident. Instead of running away, the girl lay over her brother to cover him and saved him from the big cat. Though the boy remained largely unharmed, she received severe neck injuries, the seriousness of the injuries she had received in the attack. She was rushed first to a nearby hospital from where she was referred to a higher centre considering Pauri’s District Magistrate DS Garbyal said the girl’s name will be recommended for the bravery award.

Write a Notice:

A notice tells who, when, where and what. Read Sheela’s notice. Discuss the questions that follow.

The Drama Committee will meet in the classroom on Monday, at two o’clock. We’ll plan a play for our Annual Day. Will each one of you please bring a play?

Questions Based On Sheela’s Notice

Who was to meet?

The Drama Committee were to meet.

When were they to meet?

They were to meet on Monday.

Where were they to meet?

They were to meet in the classroom.

What were they to do?

They were to plan a play for annual day.

Notice for Library Committee Meeting

The library committee will meet in the library on wednesday, at 2:30′ o clock. We have to plan a workshop for our school. Kindly make sure that you also bring a notepad and a pen along with you.

Talkative Barber

Let’s Read:

How many brothers did the Barber have?

The barber had six brothers.

Why was the Sultan in a hurry?

Sultan was in a hurry because he had invited a few friends to a feast at noon.

Why did the Barber take so long to shave the Sultan?

The barber was busy taking and took so long to shave the Sultan.

Write True or False.

The Barber was shaving the Sultan’s beard.


The Sultan gave him three gold coins.


The Barber refused to leave the Sultan’s palace.


There were seven brothers altogether in the Sultan’s family.


Let’s Listen:

Did the Sultan enjoy the Barber’s talk? Why do you say so?

No, the Sultan did not enjoy the talk. He wanted to get rid of him. Therefore, he gave him gold coin and food.

Which part of the story did you find the funniest?

The funniest part in the story is when the barber stops shaving the Sultan in between to examine each dish separately.

What are the things the Sultan gave to the Barber?

Sultan gave three pieces of gold, all the food and fruits for dinner.

Do you think the Sultan was really very generous? Why do you say so?

Yes, I think Sultan was really very generous. It is so because he gave three pieces of gold, and food to the barber so as he can stop talking and finish shaving him.

Why did the Barber want a lot of food?

Barber wanted a lot of food because he had invited four or five friends to come to his house for feast. He had invited those friends without making any preparations.

Word Building:

Write the Opposites of the Following Using un-, im-, dis.
Word Opposite word
(i) believe disbelieve
(ii) shaved unshaved
(iii) perfect imperfect
(iv) satisfy unsatisfied
(v) polite impolite
(vi) respect disrespect
(vii) pure impure
(viii) expected unexpected
(ix) obedient disobedient

Fill in the blanks by adding un-, im- or dis- to the words given in the box. (tidy, patient, kind, like, able, appear, possible)

The teacher got upset with Rani because her work was …………

The teacher got upset with Rani because her work was untidy.

The dog was ……………… to climb the tree to chase the cat.

The dog was unable to climb the tree to chase the cat.

I ……………. hot milk, I like it cold.

I dislike hot milk, I like it cold.

It is ………………….. to cross the road during peak traffic hours.

It is impossible to cross the road during peak traffic hours.

The magician waved his magic wand and made the rabbit …………..

The magician waved his magic wand and made the rabbit disappear.

The passengers became when the train was late again.

The passengers became impatient when the train was late again.

It is very to make fun of another person’s weaknesses.

It is very unkind to make fun of another person’s weaknesses.

Use the joining words given in the box to fill in the blanks. (if, or, till, where, unless, so, while)

Please wait with me ……… the bus arrives.

Please wait with me till the bus arrives.

Do you like football ……….. cricket?

Do you like football or cricket?

My father packed my lunch ……… my mother combed my hair.

My father packed my lunch or my mother combed my hair.

We will reach on time ………. we go by the car.

We will reach on time if we go by the car.

Your speech cannot be heard by the audience ………. you use a powerful mike.

Your speech cannot be heard by the audience unless you use a powerful mike.

Word Fun:

Match the word related to the words in the first column:
(i) feast? serve
(ii) race? compete
(iii) cricket match? play
(iv) cinema? enjoy
(v) fair? shout
(vi) party? dance

Let’s write:

How to send a letter/e-mail?

Writing Email
Connect to the internet and open browser. Go to Gmail site or open any other e-mail application then compose email. Click on the post tab and its done.

How to make a salad?

Making of salad
Wash carrot, radish, beetroot and cucumber thoroughly. Cut them into small slices. Place them on a plate. Add some salt according taste and lemon juice to it. Now the salad is ready to be served.

How to prepare a garden bed to grow flowers?

Making of the garden bed
First of all, find a suitable place for a garden bed. Dig the place thoroughly to break up and loosen the soil. Mix compost in the soil. Then level it and sow seeds. After this cover the bed with fine soil. Water it daily. After some days you will find small plants in your garden bed.