NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 4

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 4 Crying and My Elder Brother Marigold Reader book updated for CBSE academic session 2021-2022. All the contents are free to use without any login or password.

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Class 5 English Chapter 4 Crying – Summary

The poet (Galway Kinnell) wrote one of the big lessons in a poetic way so children can understand how to be happy after being sad.He understands the feeling of being sad and suggested how to be happy after it. He says one should not hide the tears instead cry a lot if sad, cry till your pillow is wet with tears.

Then wash your face or take shower and, go out in fresh air and laugh aloud. so that the feeling of sadness shall not remain inside and one can be happy inside. People might ask you why are you so happy to tell them you were sad before and now you are happy because everyone loves a person who is happy.

New Word Meaning

SoakedCompletely wet
ShowerBathing with water pouring like raindrops
Wept Cried

My Elder Brother – Summary

This is the story written by one of the big writers Premchand. He shared the incident from one of his books and named ‘Bade Bhaiya’ where he shows that education and Fun are important in life but before that hard work is important because that is how one learns things. That is experience.

The author shares the incident when he was in a hostel with his elder brother. He (Munna) always like to play kabaddi, flying kites, marbles, and talk to his friend but doesn’t like to study. So Elder brother told him to study and he started crying saying he wish to go back. Elder brother told him that learning English is important as it takes time also hard work. So, he writes and learns all the stories and poems. It is okay that he can read one book again and again till he is perfect.

Munna found the idea is boring as he only wants to go to the fair (Mela). Elder brother told him to study and made a “Time Table”, But he found that it doesn’t have time for him to play. The result of the final exam came and Munna passed the exam and his elder brother failed. Munna was happy as he is near to his elder brother’s class. On which elder brother said that It is good to be happy and gave an example that he shot once in gully danda game luckily doesn’t mean he is perfect. Now he needs to study more.

So Elder brother asked him what he if got sick what he is going to do. On that Munna answered he will call Father to take him to hospital. Then elder brother makes Munna understand that the elder brother also likes to play and fly kites but he has to watch for him as if something happens to him, the elder brother has taken care of him and he will learn how to do it by studying and gaining experience’. This story also tells the elder brother is sacrificing fun playing so that his younger brother (Munna) can play. Then Munna understands why his brother is always studying not playing.

New Words

FoundationStrong base
Essay Story or thoughts are written in paper, collection of paragraphs
IdlingDoing no purpose
MasteredGained expertise, learned the skill, Good in something

Let’s Read:

According to the poet, should you cry a little or should you cry a lot?

According to the poet, we should cry a lot.

What can you do after crying a lot?

You can take a bath after crying.

) Read the first two lines of the poem. Is the mood: happy? sad? angry? jealous? upset?


In the last few lines the mood of the poet has changed. What is it now? very happy, angry, cheerful, sad, jealous


Are These Sentences Right or Wrong?

The poet says you must not cry much.


The poet says that you should cry till your pillow is soaked.


The poet says that after crying you should open the window and laugh so that people will see that you are happy.


The poet says that you should open the window and show people that you are crying.


Let’s Talk:

Where do you cry? What are the things that make you cry?

I cry in alone, I usually cry when I get a scolding from my parents.

Can you cry when you are happy?

No, I can’t cry when I am happy.

Which are the things that make you happy?

watching TV and playing with friends makes me happy. I shout loudly to show my happiness.

Word Building:

The word happiness ends in -ness and comes from the word happy. Write three words that end in the same way. Which words do they come from?

Polite- ness- politeness
Aware- ness- awareness
Heartless- ness- heartlessness

Let’s Write:

Fill in the Blanks with the Exact Feeling Word.

The tourists were ___________ to see the beautiful Taj Mahal. (amazed, shocked, worried)


The lights went out suddenly. I was alone and ___________. (worried, shocked, frightened)


He has been ill for a long time and his parents were __________. (unhappy, worried, angry)


The shopkeeper was ____________when he saw his safe wide open with all his money missing. (unhappy, shocked, angry)


Creative Writing:

Narrate an incident when you have experienced happiness, excitement, surprise. You can use the following clues.
With whom… , When did it happen… , Why… , Where…
One day in the morning I felt that my dog is missing. I was worried about him. He slept in my room. I spent the whole day to find my dog. At evening I found him sit in between bushes far from home. May be he is not feeling well. I took him with me and in next morning visit vet nary doctor. He checked up him and give some medicine. After giving medicine now he is well, and I am feel glad.

My Elder Brother

Reading is Fun:

What are the things that Munna liked to do?

Munna liked do play marbles, fly kites, play volleyball and kabbadi, drawing pictures of animals and birds.

What did Bhaiya do all day?

Bhaiya reads books all the day.

Why was Munna not happy with the timetable that Bhaiya made for him?

Munna is not happy with the timetable that bhaiya made for him because there was no time to play for it.

How do you think Munna felt when his brother was so strict with him? Why was Bhaiya so strict with him?

Munna became sad and began to cry. When his brother was strict with him. Bhaiya is strict with him because it was his duty to care that munna would not waste his time. He wants Munna to study hard.

Whose character do you like more; Munna’s or Bhaiya’s? Why?

I like Munna’s character the most because he likes to play and enjoy his life with complete fun. He is not boring like his bhaiya who always like to study the whole day.

Let’s Talk:

Do you have a timetable at school? How many periods are there for the following subjects and activities in one week? English ___, Hindi ___, Maths ___, Science ___, Social Studies ____, Games ___, Art ___, Craft ____, Music ____, Dance _____, Any other activity ____

English-3, Hindi- 3, Maths-5, Science-5, Social science-3, games-2, Art-1, Music-1

Creative Writing:

(i) The letter has been written by Raju.
(ii) The letter has been written to his friend Gopal.
(iii) The writer of the letter is at Nangloi in Delhi.
(iv) The letter was written on 15 October, 2019.

H. No. 227, Rajdhani Park 15 October, 2019
Nangloi, New Delhi
Hi Gopal,
I am fine and hope you are also well with your family members. It has been three months now since I shifted Delhi. I am very excited to tell you about the recent event in my school. We recently celebrated Diwali festival in our school. It was celebrated wonderfully by all the teachers and students. There are several food courts and cultural events. I have also participated in dance program and win a prize. We share gifts with friends and enjoy.
I will meet you when I will come Meerut in winter vacation. Looking forward to meet you soon.
Your loving friend