NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Computer Science Book following the latest CBSE Syllabus for session 2024-25. Get here chapter wise explanation of grade 5 Computer Book exercises and assignments. 5th Computer Subject book covers the entire syllabus for new session.
Chapter Wise Class 5 Computer Science Syllabus
Chapter 1. History of Computer
Chapter 2. MS Windows
Chapter 3. Knowledge of Hardware
Chapter 4. MS Word
Chapter 5. MS PowerPoint
Chapter 6. paint
Chapter 7. Internet
Chapter 8. You have got a Mail

Class 5 Computer Book and Notes

Here, students of grade 5 can get a suitable study material for computer science. You can also practice Worksheets for Class 5 Computer Subjects to perform well in exams. These worksheet are suitable for faster revision of the 5th grade curriculum. The computer book for class 5 is easy to understand and interesting in reading. Pictures are associated with the each definition and concepts to make the content easier.

Syllabus for Class 5 Computer Science

Class 5 Computer Science book includes the chapters exploring the history of computer, working of windows, Knowledge of hardware, MS Word, PowerPoint, internet and Mail system. Pictures are given along with the contents to make it easier to understand. With this help you can score better in upcoming 5th standard exam. We also develop many printable study materials like MCQs, worksheets, long and short answers type questions, important assignments, previous year question papers and NCERT Solutions for Class 4. Our motive is that students can easily understand 5th grade computer syllabus.

How to Prepare Computer Science in 5th Class

Class 5 Computer Science syllabus includes only basics of Computer fundamental. It starts with history of computer, including the latest generation computers. Knowledge of Microsoft Window, MS Word and Power Point programs are also desirable in grade 5th computer Exams.

So, this book for class 5 computer science also explains about documentation in MS Word and Presentation in Power Point. Here, the students of class 5 will also learn about mailing process using different browsers.

Assignments for Class 5 Computer Science

In class 5 computer book, assignments and practice worksheets are given at the end of each chapter. After completing the chapter, student must solve these assignments to evaluate themselves. Grade 5 can be quite a phase as you find yourself growing up and becoming a senior in studies. The given here in computer book will also be useful in next classes. So, join us to ease your way of learning through our experience in variety of subjects.

Grade 5 Computer Science in Simplified format

In this course we will learn computer science which is as per your own CBSE syllabus. We’ll cover the basics of computer history, types of computers, how to open programs, and much more for you to easily grasp this fascinating subject. Our assignments will be your ideal study material so that you can learn computer science without any confusion. We understand how hard it can be to learn something new, but we promise it will be fun for you.

What are the main topics in class 5 Computer Science Subject?

There are total of 8 chapters in the book of computer science given here. The number of chapters may differ in other books but as per the CBSE guidelines, the content of each book will be similar in all. The main topics in class 5 computer book are History of computer, Windows, Hardware, MS Office, internet and Mail.

Is class 5 Computer Science Syllabus difficult?

The computer science syllabus for class 5 is interesting as well as focus on practical knowledge. The syllabus is neither easy nor difficult. It all depends on interest. If a student put interest in learning computer practical, he fined it as an easy subject. The rote learning may make computer science as a difficult to understand.