NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social, GK, Computer, and other subjects with NCERT Books and extra practice books for session 2024-25. As per NCERT Textbooks, there are only three subjects – Maths, English, and Hindi in the syllabus of the class 1 examination. But many schools are implementing extra subjects like Science, GK, Computer, Arts, etc.

NCERT Solutions of Class 1 all Subjects

Effective learning in class 1 is essential to build a strong foundation for future education. At this stage, children are just beginning their academic journey, and it’s crucial to make learning enjoyable and engaging. Ensure that the learning environment at home and in the classroom is positive, supportive, and free from distractions. A comfortable and organized space can help children focus.

Class 1 all Subjects Apps
Establish a daily routine that includes specific times for learning, play, and rest. Consistency can help children feel more secure and prepared for learning. Use games, interactive activities, and hands-on experiences to make learning enjoyable.

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Incorporate colorful visuals, toys, and props to engage young learners. Foster a sense of curiosity by encouraging children to ask questions and explore their interests. Provide opportunities for them to discover and learn independently.

Reading is fundamental at this stage. Read age-appropriate books with your child regularly. Ask them questions about the story and characters to promote comprehension. There are many educational apps, websites like Tiwari Academy, and resources designed specifically for young children. These can supplement traditional learning and make it more interactive.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1

Class 1 Hindi NCERT Solutions

The NCERT Book for Class 1 Hindi is Rimjhim – 1 having 23 chapters in it. All the chapters are a collection of interesting stories and poems. Students of 1st standard find it easy to study and enjoy during the learning process in class or at home. For assignments and extra practice, we are providing one more book full of stories and assignments.

Activities like coloring, drawing, cutting, and pasting can help develop fine motor skills, which are important for writing and other tasks. Socialization is an important aspect of early education. Encourage your child to interact with peers, which can help develop communication and cooperation skills. Use Educational Apps for more interaction. Positive reinforcement can boost their confidence and motivation. Understand that children develop at their own pace. Be patient and provide support when needed.

Class 1 English Solutions

The NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English are Marigold – 1 and Raindrops – 1. The Marigold – 1, contains a total of ten units with poems and stories. In the initial chapters, a student will learn how to write the English alphabet – capital and small letters.

Set achievable learning goals for your child. These goals should be age-appropriate and flexible to accommodate individual differences. Maintain open communication with your child’s teacher. They can provide insights into your child’s progress and offer suggestions for effective learning at home. A healthy lifestyle supports overall well-being and learning readiness.

In the progressive chapter, the student learns about making words and then sentences. The Raindrops – 1 contains total of 9 chapters with alphabet practice, poems, and stories. The collections of short stories and communicative sentences make the entire book interesting.

While educational screens can be beneficial, it’s important to limit excessive screen time and prioritize hands-on learning experiences. Remember that class 1 is primarily about building a love for learning and developing essential skills. Be patient, supportive, and flexible in your approach, and tailor your strategies to suit your child’s unique needs and interests.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 all subjects

How to Study in Class 1 Comfortably

In CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Class 1, the curriculum focuses on introducing fundamental concepts and skills across various subjects to build a strong foundation for future education. In English, students are introduced to basic reading and writing skills. Topics may include the alphabet, simple words, rhymes, and basic sentence formation. This article will tell you some of the major advantages of learning tricks in class 1. Reading is an incredibly vital part of your child’s emotional and intellectual growth. Here we are giving you some of the suggestions to make education effective from home.

Step 1: Study regularly and focus on language subjects.

Step 1: Study regularly and focus on language subjects. Strong reading literature skills prepare your child for success later in different classes. Some studies indicate making time daily for the reading with your child can substantially increase their vocabulary skills, reading comprehension, and more. So, establish a regular reading routine. One of the most important ways to make your child read as much as possible is to make books available widely in your home. The mathematics curriculum in Class 1 includes topics like numbers (counting and writing numbers), basic addition and subtraction, shapes, patterns, and measurements (length, weight, and capacity). In Hindi, students start learning the Devanagari script and begin to recognize and write simple words and sentences in Hindi. Parents play an important role in a student’s growth. They are likely to display the behaviors you are displaying to them. To lead them with the example because you’re the main role model to them.

Step 2: Take support from parents and e-learning platforms.

Step 2: Take support from parents and e-learning platforms. The supportive parents and the home atmosphere is important for a child in class 1 for early brain development. Environmental Studies, EVS, introduces students to their immediate environment, including topics like family, friends, animals, plants, food, and the local community. It helps children develop an awareness of their surroundings. Basic general knowledge topics may be introduced, such as days of the week, months of the year, seasons, and important festivals. Learning online gives you more flexibility to teach the way it is suitable for the child. Early learning of numbers, digits, and formulae build self-esteem, confidence, imperturbable. You can find class 1 NCERT Maths books and solutions on the website Tiwari Academy. This will give you another advantage to making e-learning start as early as possible. This also increases analytical skills among children which is an important part to develop persistence skills.

Step 3: Practice Maths in Class 1 along with Hindi and English.

Step 3: Practice Maths in Class 1 along with Hindi and English. Mathematics involves solving and problems, equations to get a solution. All forms of mathematics involve logic, reasoning, and improving mathematical skills is a great way to improve analytical skills. Practicing it along with the literature will greatly enhance the chances to improve fast. Students are encouraged to engage in creative activities like coloring, drawing, and simple crafts to develop fine motor skills and creativity. Basic physical activities and games are introduced to promote physical fitness and motor skills development. During the online sessions, most of the teachers find it difficult to keep the children engage and when it comes to mathematics. But this problem is not so serious. Introduction to mathematical games and activities is one of the certain ways that can ensure the focus is right during the session.

Step 4: Always be interactive during the study or classes.

Step 4: Always be interactive during the study or classes. The best advantage of online classes is flexibility. However, some of them are restricted to a certain time. Making the students pay attention is crucial. Only making face-to-face interactions doesn’t improve teaching, but it improves the attention that teachers and students pay during the class. This is another way that teachers support the students. Values and moral lessons may be imparted through stories, songs, and simple activities to positive values and ethics. Basic music and dance lessons may be included to introduce students to rhythm, melody, and movement. In layman terms, Regular communication and sharing the instructions between students and teachers improve the class 1 online class experience. Even it is been suggested that quality and timelessness teaching is one of the valued forms of education one can get.

Step 5: Always try to learn something new every day.

Step 5: Always try to learn something new every day. In some schools, introductory computer education may be included, focusing on basic computer skills and familiarity with technology. It’s important to note that the curriculum may vary slightly from one CBSE-affiliated school to another, but the above topics are typically covered in CBSE Class 1 to provide a well-rounded education. The emphasis at this stage is on a holistic approach to learning, fostering curiosity, and developing foundational skills in language, mathematics, and other subjects. Most parents and teachers want to make their students more observant and learn something new all the time. The collective efforts from parents and teachers are filling the gap that online classes currently have. Teaching something new every day improves the cognitive abilities of children. They can find more ways to grasp knowledge. We suggest engaging them in debates or discussions. We have more suggestions for you to improve the skills, for that visit website Tiwari Academy to read more.
Class 1 Maths Solutions

The Solutions for Class 1 Maths is Math-Magic – 1 containing 13 chapters. Here a student of class 1 will learn about numbers, counting in words and numbers, simple addition and subtraction, application-based addition and subtraction questions, quick sums to do orally, and many other questions to study with fun.

Students will also learn here about the different types of currency coins and notes in chapter Money. This chapter is quite interesting as the student can easily see these currency coins and notes in daily use at home.

How to Study in Class 1

After completing the foundation in Nursery and KG, the student should try to write the complete sentence in standard 1st. With the help of parents and teachers, students must try to read the complete sentences given in poems and stories. Every day they should read at least one chapter just for fun.

How many main subjects are there in Class 1?

Generally, there are only three subjects – Maths, Hindi, and English, in Class 1 CBSE and other Government schools. Most of the public schools are implementing some more subjects like Science, Computers, GK, Grammar, and maybe some other topics. NCERT Books are available only for three subjects – Hindi, English, and Maths.

How many books for Class 1 English are there in NCERT?

As per NCERT, there are two books for Class 1 English. One is the main reader book named Marigold and another one is Raindrops. Both the books are containing poems and stories.

How to make study interesting in Class 1?

In Standard 1, most of the chapters are in the format of Rhymes and Short Stories. These are not only interesting but easy to read and learn if the proper support of parents and teachers is there. Students must give time, at least one hour daily, to go through the course books to make it comfortable to learn.

Last Edited: October 12, 2023