NCERT Solutions for Class 1

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social, GK, Computer, and other subjects with NCERT Books and extra practice books for session 2021-2022. As per NCERT Textbooks, there are only three subjects – Maths, English, and Hindi in the syllabus of the class 1 examination.

But many schools are implementing extra subjects like Science, GK, Computer, Arts, etc., also.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 All Subjects

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Class 1 Hindi Solutions

The NCERT Book for Class 1 Hindi is Rimjhim – 1 having 23 chapters in it. All the chapters are a collection of interesting stories and poems. Students of 1st standard find it easy to study and enjoy during the learning process in class or at home. For assignments and extra practice, we are providing one more book full of stories and assignments.

Class 1 English Solutions

The NCERT Books for Class 1 English are Marigold – 1 and Raindrops – 1. The Marigold – 1, contains a total of ten units with poems and stories. In the initial chapters, a student will learn how to write the English alphabet – capital and small letters.

In the progressive chapter, the student learns about making words and then sentences. The Raindrops – 1 contains total of 9 chapters with alphabet practice, poems, and stories. The collections of short stories and communicative sentences make the entire book interesting.

Class 1 Maths Solutions

The NCERT Book for Class 1 Maths is Math-Magic – 1 containing 13 chapters. Here a student of class 1 will learn about numbers, counting in words and numbers, simple addition and subtraction, application-based addition and subtraction questions, quick sums to do orally, and many other questions to study with fun.

Students will also learn here about the different types of currency coins and notes in chapter Money. This chapter is quite interesting as the student can easily see these currency coins and notes in daily use at home.

How to Study in Class 1

After completing the foundation in Nursery and KG, the student should try to write the complete sentence in standard 1st. With the help of parents and teachers, students must try to read the complete sentences given in poems and stories. Every day they should read at least one chapter just for fun.

How many main subjects are there in Class 1?

Generally, there are only three subjects – Maths, Hindi, and English, in Class 1 CBSE and other Government schools. Most of the public schools are implementing some more subjects like Science, Computers, GK, Grammar, and maybe some other topics. NCERT Books are available only for three subjects – Hindi, English, and Maths.

How many books for Class 1 English are there in NCERT?

As per NCERT, there are two books for Class 1 English. One is the main reader book named Marigold and another one is Raindrops. Both the books are containing poems and stories.

How to make study interesting in Class 1?

In Standard 1, most of the chapters are in the format of Rhymes and Short Stories. These are not only interesting but easy to read and learn if the proper support of parents and teachers is there. Students must give time, at least one hour daily, to go through the course books to make it comfortable to learn.