Solutions for Class 1 Science can be download from here. In NCERT, there is no book available for Class 1 Science. Only private publisher’s books can be taken for the preparation of Class 1 Science Subject. For the academic session 2024-25, a Science book for Class 1 is given here with suitable questions answers for practice.

Class 1 Science Book Solutions

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Chapter Wise Main Points of all Chapters

Chapter 1: A Green World

    • Trees: Big, tall and strong plants.
    • Shrubs: Plants smaller than trees.
    • Herbs: Small and weak plants
    • Climbers: Small plants that need support to grow or climb.
    • Creepers: Weak plants that grow along the ground.
    • Baby Plant: Small plant inside a seed.

Chapter 2: Food From Plants

Cereals: Grains such as rice, wheat, and maize.
Spices: Used for adding taste to food.

Chapter 3: The Animal’s World

Wild Animal: Animals that live in forests.
Insects: Small animals having six legs.

Chapter 4: Food and Shelter of Animals

Shelter: Home; a place to live
Domestic: A cave

Chapter 5: Our Body

Sense Organs: Eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and skin.
Senses: Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.
Adult: A grown up person.

Chapter 6: Our Needs

Energy: Capacity to do something.
Woollen Clothes: Clothes made from wool which keep us warm.

Chapter 7: Healthy Habits

Fit: Keeping healthy.
Stay Healthy: Good food, exercise, and proper rest help us to stay healthy.

Chapter 8: Safety and First Aid

Accident: An unpleasant event or injury caused due to carelessness
Safety: Staying away from harm.
Zebra Crossing: Marking on the road for crossing.
First Aid: Immediate help given to an injured person.

Chapter 9: We Need Air

Wind: Fast blowing air.
Occupy: Take up or fill.
Storm: A fast blowing wind.

Chapter 10: Water

River: A big stream of water.
Well: A deep hole dug in the ground from where we can get water.

Chapter 11: Weather and Season

Weather:Condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time.
Wind:Fast moving air.
Storms:Strong winds.
Chapter 12: Up in the Sky
    • East: The direction from which the sun rises every morning.
    • West: The direction in which the sun sets every evening.
    • Moon: Look like bright silver.
Chapter 13: Going to the Moon

Astronauts: People who travel led into space.
Space Shuttle: Rocket

Last Edited: January 27, 2022