Class 1 Science Chapter 8 Safety and First Aid in English Medium updated for new academic session CBSE and State Board 2024-25. All the contents are free to use without any registration. Here we will learn about Safety Rules and the need of First Aid. This chapter is quite important for a student in any class. The knowledge given here are useful throughout life.

Class 1 Science Chapter 8 Solutions

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Safety and First Aid

We should follow safety to keep ourselves safe. We should take care of ourselves and others too. Here are some safety rules, you must follow.

On the Road:

Always walk on the footpath. If there is no footpath, on the left side of the road never run across a busy road.

Crossing the Road:

Before you cross a road, look right, then left, and then right again. Cross a road only at the zebra crossing. Cross the road when it is clear, watch out for traffic signals. Be careful on a rainy day road can be slippery.

While Travelling by Bus:

First of all, stand in a queue while you are waiting for a bus. Never travel on foot board (stairs). Do not get in of off a moving bus. Do not lean (peep) out of the window of a moving bus. You may get hurt. Do not throw things out of a moving bus. You may hurt someone.

On The Play Ground:

Always play in a playground or open place. Never play on the road. Play only safe game obeying its rules. Do not pluck flowers in the park. Do not tease animals. Be kind to them.

When You Go Swimming:

Do not go alone for swimming. Use air-filled tube for swimming. Do not jump into deep water.

At Home:

Do not play with the articles like scissors, sharp knife, blade etc. Do not run down the stairs. Do not play with electric switches devices. Do not fire with match stick.

At School:

Do not climb or jump on desks and chairs. You may fall and get hurt.
Do not push each other while climbing up or getting down the stairs.

First Aid:

First aid means ‘the help given to an injured person immediately, if you get at home, report it to you elders. If someone else gets injured’, call a doctor. A good first aid will make you fine soon.

Important Points:

1. Safety rules keep us safe.
2. Use zebra crossing to cross the road.
3. Always walk on the footpath.
4. Never play with fire, electric and sharp articles.
5. The first help given to an injured person is called first-aid.

Select the correct option from given MCQs:

1. _____________ rules are important to us.
(A) Games
(B) Safety
(C) Jumping

2. We should walk on the _____________.
(A) Road
(B) Railway track
(C) Foot path

3. We should always cross the road at _____________.
(A) Middle
(B) left
(C) Zebra crossing

4. Safety rules save us from _____________.
(A) Accidents
(B) Events
(C) Crossing

1. B
2. C
3. C
4. A

Match the following:

1. Always respect (a) when you get something.
2. Do not (b) turn.
3. Do not get in or off (c) play with fire.
4. Wait for your (d) your elders and teachers.
5. Say thank you (e) a moving bus.

1. D
2. C
3. E
4. B
5. A

Fill in the blanks with the given words: (window, open, queue, clear)

1. Play in the _____________.
2. Cross the road when it is ________________.
3. Wait for the bus in a ____________________.
4. Never lean out of the ___________________in a bus.

1. Open
2. Clear
3. Queue
4. Window

How can we prepare Class 1 Science chapter 8 easily?

In this chapter we learn about safety rules and first aid which is the part of everyone life as a student of class first we should ask our elders and teachers.

Is Class 1 Science chapter 8 interesting?

This chapter is creating interest among children when teacher teach them these all things. How should they follow all the rules either crossing road, playing a game, swimming in river? If someone get injured, then how to provide first aid.

How much important Class 1 Science chapter 8 is?

This chapter is important from many aspects one is safety second is medical help for someone if get injured or feel anything health related issue. Student can spread awareness about these among other peoples.

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