Class 1 Science Chapter 3 The Animal’s World with important definitions and Science terminologies updated for academic session 2024-25. Grade 1 Science study material is helpful for all CBSE as well as State Board students. Extra questions related to chapter are also given with suitable answers. Practice here to know more about Animal Kingdom.

Class 1 Science Chapter 3 Solutions

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Animal’s World

Different kinds of animals live around us. Animals have different shapes and sizes. Some of them are big, some are small. Some animals live in forests. They are called wild animals. We can see wild animals in a zoo. All these animals have four legs.
Camel, Elephant, Lion, Tiger, Deer, Rhino, Bear and Giraffe etc.

Small Animals:

Some animals are small. Most birds, insects and worms are small animals. Four-legged animals like the mouse are small.
Mouse, Pigeon, Cockroach etc.

Domestic Animals:

We keep some animals in our houses. They are called domestic animals. Domestic animals are useful to us. We get milk, eggs, meat and wool from
domestic animals.
Cow, Sheep, Goat etc.


We see many kind of birds around us. Birds can fly in the air. Children have to watch the birds. The ostrich and the emu cannot fly. They can walk and run.
Hen, Peacock, Crow, Parrot etc.

Birds have wings and feather on their body. Wings help them to fly. Birds have two legs. Legs help them to walk. Some birds like ducks and swans can swim.
Ostrich, Swan, Duck etc.


Insects are small animals. They have six legs. Some insects have wings. They can fly.
Ant, Mosquito, Housefly, Cockroach etc.

Water Animals

Some animals live in water. They cannot live on land.
Whale Fish Octopus Turtle etc.

Land and Water both

Some animals live both on land and in water.
Crocodile, Frog, Tortoise etc.

Where does animal live?

Some animals live on land. The cow, elephant, horse, dog are some animals which live on land. Water animal live in water. Many birds, insects
and animals live on trees.

Important Notes:

1. Different kinds of animals live around us.
2. Birds have feathers and wings.
3. All insects have six legs. They are small animals.
4. Animals live on land, on trees and in water.

Select Correct Option from MCQs:

1. Which animal gives us milk?
(A) Horse
(B) Lion
(C) Cow
(D) Dog

2. Which animal lives both on land and in water?
(A) Fish
(B) Lizard
(C) Frog
(D) Snake

3. Which animal lives only in water?
(A) Frog
(B) Tortoise
(C) Fish
(D) Crocodile

1. C
2. C
3. C

Fill in the blanks with the suitable words given in the box: (Monkey, fish, bird, frour)

1. A _____ live in water.
2. ____ lives on a tree.
3. All insects have ____ legs
4. Parrot is a ____.

1. Fish
2. monkey
3. Four
4. bird

How can we prepare Class 1 Science chapter 3 easily?

Chapter is based on animals. There are many animals which we see easily and we can collect the data about them. Some other animals which are beyond the reach we should collect thins from different sources.

Is Class 1 Science chapter 3 interesting?

Definitely this chapter is interesting because we gain knowledge about so many animals living on land and water.

How much important Class 1 Science chapter 3 chapter is?

Chapter is important because everyone should have knowledge about animal kingdom.

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