NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew and Supplementary Reader It So Happened. All the questions and answers, grammar section, fill in the blanks, etc., are given with suitable answers.

Answers are written by subject experts in easy language so that every student can understand easily. Answers of each Chapter of honeydew and It so happened are given below in PDF format as well as online view. Solutions of all Chapters will be uploaded till 20th September 2020.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew

Class: 8English
Books: Honeydew and It so happened
Contents:NCERT Solutions and Comprehenssion Check

Class 8 English Honeydew Solutions

    1. The Best Christmas Present in the World
      The Ant and the Cricket
    2. The Tsunami
      Geography Lesson
    3. Glimpses of the Past
      Macavity: The Mystery Cat
    4. Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory
      The Last Bargain
    5. The Summit Within
      The School Boy
    6. This is Jody’s Fawn
    7. A Visit to Cambridge
      When I set out for Lyonnesse
    8. A Short Monsoon Diary
      On the Grasshopper and Cricket
    9. The Great Stone Face–I
    10. The Great Stone Face–II

Class 8 English Supplementary Reader

It so Happened Question Answers

    1. How the camel got his hump
    2. Children at work
    3. The selfish giant
    4. The treasure within
    5. Princess September
    6. The fight
    7. The open window
    8. Jalebis
    9. The comet – I
    10. The comet – II
    11. Ancient education system of India

Objective of Supplementary Reader in Class 8

This supplementary reader’s main objective is to promote among learners the habit of reading independently with interest, understanding, and enjoyment. It seeks to enable them to read independently in the sense that they would not expect the book to be taken up page by page in the classroom. They would instead read it on their own and later share and confirm their responses and appreciation with the teacher and the peer group through discussions, questions, and, wherever possible, even role-play.

About the Book “It so Happened…”

The book contains eleven Chapters. There are two or three manageable sections in each chapter. Each section is briefly summarised in point form without revealing crucial turns and twists of the storyline, thus sustaining readers’ curiosity and interest. While-reading Comprehension Check, given at the end of sections, is a recall of what we have learned so far and understood so far.
At the end of each chapter, there is a set of questions as aids to understanding. There are topics given in many places for discussion in groups. Points under Think it Over are mainly such quotations as having a direct bearing on the story’s theme. Some quotations may not be immediately comprehensible to learners. Teachers may therefore want to play a direct role in explaining, simplifying, or paraphrasing lines/topics and suggest appropriate sub-topics to facilitate a focussed discussion in small groups.

How many books are there in class 8 English?

There are two books for standard 8 English
1. English Reader – Honeydew
2. Supplementary Reader – It so happened…

Is there any grammar book for grade 8 issued by CBSE?

There is no such English Grammar book for class 8. Only syllabus for English grammar is given by CBSE.

Which chapter is most important for exams in class 8 English Reader?

All the chapters are equally important for exams. Moreover, for different school the important chapters may differ.

How can I get the contents of Class 8 English grammar?

There are 20 chapters given on Tiwari Academy covering entire syllabus of class 8 English Grammar. You may visit to English grammar for Class 8 page of Tiwari Academy to get the details explanation of each chapter.