NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew and Supplementary Reader It So Happened revised and modified for academic session 2023-24. Hindi Translation, Summary of chapter in Hindi and English, all the questions and answers, grammar section, fill in the blanks are updated as per rationalised NCERT books issued for 2023-24 exams. Answers are written by subject experts in easy language so that every student can understand easily. Now only 16 chapters are there in class 8 English syllabus 2023-24 based on new textbooks. One new chapter in supplementary is added.

Class 8 English NCERT Solutions

Class: 8English
Books: Honeydew and It so happened
Contents:Solutions, Hindi Translation and Summary
Content Type:Text, PDF, Videos and Images
Academic Session:2023-24

Get the answers, Summary in English and Hindi and English to Hindi Translation Class 8 English Honeydew all the following Chapters and Poem on Tiwari Academy.

    1. The Best Christmas Present in the World
      The Ant and the Cricket
    2. The Tsunami
      Geography Lesson
    3. Glimpses of the Past
      Macavity: The Mystery Cat
    4. Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory
      The Last Bargain
    5. The Summit Within
      The School Boy
    6. This is Jody’s Fawn
    7. A Visit to Cambridge
      When I set out for Lyonnesse
    8. A Short Monsoon Diary
      On the Grasshopper and Cricket
Objective of Supplementary Reader in Class 8

This supplementary reader’s main objective is to promote among learners the habit of reading independently with interest, understanding, and enjoyment. It seeks to enable them to read independently in the sense that they would not expect the book to be taken up page by page in the classroom. They would instead read it on their own and later share and confirm their responses and appreciation with the teacher and the peer group through discussions, questions, and, wherever possible, even role-play.
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How to download NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English

According to new textbooks issued for academic session 2023-24, there are 16 chapters in class 8 English curriculum. Out of which, 8 chapters in Honeydew and same as in it so happened. While the pandemic is at its peak and unpredictable school curriculum is affecting the student future. This sudden shift in the teaching program is not only difficult for the students but the teachers too. However, the faster you accept the change the better the chances to get good grades. In this article, you get tips so that you can create a map of how to prepare to rise as the new topper in the class and score 100% marks in English.

Step 1: Follow the curriculum 2023-24 and make notes of main events of the chapters.

Step 1: Follow the curriculum 2023-24 and make notes of main events of the chapters. Follow the rationalised NCERT books issued for 2023-24 exams. Whatever you read in the lesson of 8th English, must note down the important points. Study online or offline be focused on topic only. Since uncommon study methods are proving to be common these days. Online learning provides a convenient setting for students. While face-to-face teaching evolved into video classes students are being offered flexibility to access course materials when they want. Chapters containing stories, poetic themes, Hindi Translation, Summary in Hindi and English, such other topics are available in one place that is Tiwari Academy. You have to read the story and poem thoroughly the first time.

Step 2: For session 2023-24 exams, prepare the Summary of the lesson in own words.

Step 2: For session 2023-24 exams, prepare the Summary of the lesson in own words. After completing the chapter in Class 8 English, students must write download the summary of the chapter in own words. This will provide more confidence during question answers session of the lesson. Discipline is one of the key factors, if you want to achieve the position of the new topper. Learning online came with its own advantage. Carve sometime in the week to devote to your studies. Summarizing the chapter and reading 2-3 times a chapter will greatly enhance the chances to remember the story, before you proceed to cover exercise in your NCERT.

Step 3: Follow the rationalised NCERT books 2023-24 to study, avoid the rote learning.

Step 3: Follow the rationalised NCERT books 2023-24 to study, avoid the rote learning. English in grade 8 is based on understating. Starting to memorize the exercise without knowing about the story will burden your mind. Because then you have no clue how to frame the answer and this will make you go haywire. Knowing what to right will only come to you once you have understood the plot of the story and poem given in Honeydew English for Class 8. Then you will only get the ideas from answering the questions. NCERT exercise will only test your knowledge that if you have understood the story or not.

Step 4: Point out questions and word meaning from each paragraph.

Step 4: Point out questions and word meaning from each paragraph. For the perfect learning we should focus on all the points, tiny or large, doesn’t matter. Try to study offline through NCERT Textbook only. Taking interest in online classes is one of the major challenges for the students because some of the students lost the feel of study and become wall-bug. Staying connected and active during class can help you reduce stress and motivate you enough to study more. This way you’re not only helping your mind to take up challenges but also increasing self-confidence which is one of the major quality one need to keep for focusing right.

Step 5: Revise and focus on term wise Syllabus during the exams.

Step 5: Revise and focus on term wise Syllabus during the exams. Now a days, the entire syllabus for Class 8 English is divided into two terms – term 1 and term 2. English can be unpredictable at times and for such times you should have to be prepared. You can only keep your mind calm only if you have only planned ahead of time to prepare your terminal exams. This will save you from the examination hall anxiety when you will see the twisted question. After completion of the exercise, you might need some more extra important questions that is available on the website Tiwari Academy.
About the Book “It so Happened…”

The book contains eleven Chapters. There are two or three manageable sections in each chapter. Each section is briefly summarised in point form without revealing crucial turns and twists of the storyline, thus sustaining readers’ curiosity and interest. While-reading Comprehension Check, given at the end of sections, is a recall of what we have learned so far and understood so far.
At the end of each chapter, there is a set of questions as aids to understanding. There are topics given in many places for discussion in groups. Points under Think it Over are mainly such quotations as having a direct bearing on the story’s theme. Some quotations may not be immediately comprehensible to learners. Teachers may therefore want to play a direct role in explaining, simplifying, or paraphrasing lines/topics and suggest appropriate sub-topics to facilitate a focussed discussion in small groups.

How many books are there in class 8 English?

There are two books for standard 8 English
1. English Reader – Honeydew
2. Supplementary Reader – It so happened…

Is there any grammar book for grade 8 issued by CBSE?

There is no such English Grammar book for class 8. Only syllabus for English grammar is given by CBSE.

Which chapter is most important for exams in class 8 English Reader?

All the chapters are equally important for exams. Moreover, for different school the important chapters may differ.

How can I get the contents of Class 8 English grammar?

There are 20 chapters given on Tiwari Academy covering entire syllabus of class 8 English Grammar. You may visit to English grammar for Class 8 page of Tiwari Academy to get the details explanation of each chapter.

Last Edited: September 10, 2023