Download Study Material for Class Nursery Maths with revision practice material updated for new academic session 2024-25 free in PDF. Nursery Maths PDF helps students to build a solid conceptual foundation which is vital for the growth stage of their academic career. Adhering to the prescribed Maths framework, we provide detailed solutions to learn Maths at early stage of school life. Our Nursery Maths books help students to develop and prepare them to handle difficult ideas and concepts easily and effectively throughout their academic journey.

NCERT Study Material Solutions for Class Nursery Maths

How to practice well in Mathematics for Nursery?

The main course in Nursery Maths is to learn counting. In December 2020, the COVID-19 national lockdown posed unprecedented restrictions on the movement of the Indian population. They were only allowed to go out when it was absolutely necessary. During the stay home declaration and the easing on lockdowns, we explored the behavioral changes among the nursery students. Their daily activities like taking interest in solving puzzles or counting improve their mathematical skills. This article will guide you some suggestions to improve the practices in mathematical skills among nursery students.

Step 1: Generate interest in Maths using common objects.

Step 1: Generate interest in Maths using common objects. At this stage, most of the parents give importance to language skills. So, that their children can study when the time comes. Studies proved that Mathematical skills among nursery children are as so it more important than language skills. Maths in Nursery, improves the critical thinking ability and problem-solving attitude among children at an early stage. Even psychology books recommend that nursery math experience and talk strengthen the kid’s mathematical skills in later years. Making them read the colorful snakes, balls, bears, and other daily life play items, usually improves their interests in mathematics.

Step 2: Prove the Colourful Counting Books for activities.

Step 2: Prove the Colourful Counting Books for activities. Rote counting is one of the first mathematical skills that parents introduce to their children. Whether Zero, One to ten by reciting it numerous times or by introducing it with the help of nursery rhymes. This gives them a start to make them count objects. Sometimes they agreed to spend lots of money buying colorful books to color. That is not entirely worth money unless you want your kids to be a creative artists. Introducing the colorful books with the counting and activities are some of the books to invest in. We recommend you check the website Tiwari Academy. Here, you can find all the relevant books to make your children practice.

Step 3: Download counting activity book in PDF.

Step 3: Download counting activity book in PDF. Just start counting is not just an activity to make your kids memorize the numbers at Nursery grade stage. It is important to recognize the number and to practice writing. Language practice is something that comes to play here. Parents used to depend upon the teachers of the nursery for these practices. Now, barriers of the Lockdowns and curfews, stopped this process abruptly. So we have created some effective books that can hold the interest of your Nursery child as well as ease the process of learning mathematical skills. You may find the material on the website Tiwari Academy free of cost.

Step 4: Set up a proper place for Maths Study.

Step 4: Set up a proper place for Maths Study. Right set up for the Nursery kids to practice the numbers or any other Maths activity for the matter is essential. We all know how much the child’s brain is prone to distractions. Set up a place that is far from such distraction with all the necessities like pencil, colors, and more available. This will make them focused to study rather than finding ways to run away from it. What is more important is for them to study with interest not forcibly. Try to introduce quick math activities in between the studies to make it interesting. Practicing writing numbers or changing them with reciting rhymes.

Step 5: Get free Nursery Maths Practice book free.

Step 5: Get free Nursery Maths Practice book free. Numerical collage, button sorting, drawing shapes, stick counting are some extensively interesting games that can be done alone and even in a group of students. This will unfasten the boredom in studies. Practice is crucial for them at this stage. The more they write the more they will learn. We understand the fact that you might not get all the information in one place but these are such topics available in the book we are offering on the website Tiwari Academy that can benefit the Nursery children during crucial times. So they don’t waste the important years of their life.

Study Material App for Nursery

Study Material for Class Nursery Maths

Teaching children is not an easy task. It requires innovative and creative ways for children to understand and learn with enthusiasm. Maths for Nursery and Pre-Nursery contains Math poems, Maths games, worksheets for counting, videos, online games, and puzzles. Learning material for easier mathematical calculations, based on addition, and subtraction are easy to learn for a kids, if they learn it by playing games. The Maths Poems also helps them to learn counting and identifying the shape of numbers.

Nursery Maths Books free download

Tiwari Academy brings you the best Maths learning material for kids to teach your kids effectively and easily for free. Whether your child is new to preschool or Nursery, we have a variety of learning materials designed for them. We have created the latest Nursery Syllabus which you can download for free in PDF format and use it to create a study plan for your child.

In creating this nursery class syllabus, we kept in mind that it will not only cover all the needs in Maths offered by the board but also include activities and topics that will improve problem solving, imagination and perception.

Nursery Curriculum Focused Books in PDF

Basic Mathematics, with in simple English including Shapes and Colors, General Awareness, and Activities are given in Nursery Maths Books for pre-schools. Nursery Maths Syllabus includes topics that help children recognize Numbers, zero and different writing styles, basic styles and basic syntax prepare for.

Pre-Writing Skills – Standing Line, Sleeping Line, Left Slash, Right Slash, Left Curve, Right Curve, Up Curve, Down Curve and Character and Basic, which are also helpful in other subjects. Use objects to identify letters, numbers, and objects associated with each letter, or number.

The Learning tools for Nursery Maths

Nursery math curriculum covers basic concepts like shapes, weights, number tracing, counting from 1 to 20, understanding and recognizing basic shapes and colors. Pre-mathematical concepts, equal-differential, size, high-short, high-low, heavy-light completely empty and numbers. Tracking and identification of numbers and their values, counting from 1 to 10, counting and matching, counting and circles, counting and colouring, shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and colours like red, yellow, blue, orange, green etc. Color name, purple, black, white, and pink.

What are the main topic to study in Nursery Maths?

Generally a kid of Nursery study shapes, number tracing, counting from one to ten or twenty, and recognizing basic shape in class Nursery Maths. The main focus of Class Nursery Mathematics is to learn them counting from 1 to 10 and try to make them to write also.

How to generate interest in Nursery Maths in a kid?

Kids usually like to play with colours, so make the figures of counting, and let them fill the colours. In this way they will learn counting and the grip to hold pencil increase as well.

How to make counting easy for kids of Nursery?

If we teach kid Maths counting using our fingers, they learn little bit faster than ever. In this way we can teach our kids without any educational aid during playing with them.

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