NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Computer Science Book updated for new academic session 2024-25 CBSE and State board. Grade 4 Computer book is helpful to understand the basics of computer along with use of its components. Get here assignments and study material for class 4 computer.
Chapter wise Class 4 Computer Science Study Material
Chapter 1. Introduction to Computer
Chapter 2. Components of a Computer
Chapter 3. Hardware and Software
Chapter 4. Introduction to Windows
Chapter 5. Paint Program
Chapter 6. Features of Paint
Chapter 7. Exploring MS Word
Chapter 8. MS PowerPoint
Chapter 9. Internet

Class 4 Computer Science Book

Computer studies is a very important subject in class 4 to get better grades. This book is designed to be easy for 4th graders to learn about computer fundamental. Nowadays, it is important to use new and innovative methods for teaching 4rd graders. The use of the latest information technology, informatics and interactive technologies facilitates learning in the 4rd grade. In class 4 students have to learn computer science in better and easier ways.

Study Material for Class 4 Computer

If you need 4th Class Computer Book, visit here and get it free. If you are in class 4, this computer science book would be helpful to learn the basics of Computer. This is the right place for that who are interested to learn computer in grade 4. This book will be very useful for learning the terms of computer and make easier the class 4 exams also. So for class 4, students can use this computer book to improve their computer knowledge and prepare for exams.

Syllabus for Class 4 Computer Studies

In grade 4 computer subject, we normally stats from basics and learn about parts of windows tools. It also introduces about software and hardware used in basic computing. In fact most of the schools be teaches Paint program, MS Word and MS PowerPoint in computer syllabus of grade 4.

CBSE affiliated schools follow NCERT pattern in class four for all subjects. In class 4 computer book you will find all chapters like introduction and components of computer, Hardware and Software along with practical in tools of Windows and MS Office. For this you can check the detailed syllabus of class 4 from the official website.

Main Topics of 4th Class Computer Book

So keep reading articles of 4th grade Computer Science book till the end to get good knowledge and marks in class 4 exam. In Computer Book of Grade 4, the main topics are knowledge about software and hardware, using the programs of MS Office and learning the Paint program. You can get class 4 computer books in English medium from Tiwari Academy. Having a good book is important to excel in class 4 study and good scoring in final exam. Class 4 Computer book is the best way to prepare for class 4 class tests and learn basics of computer at this stage. Along with the book you can download class 4 computer subject notes. These notes will cover all computer syllabus for class 4. The study material is regularly updated and revised according to the latest syllabus.

Assignments for Class 4 Computer Science

Our computer teachers who teaches for class 4, have ample experience in teaching 4th graders. So they are able to make a perfect study material for fourth grade. They knows where students lack with computer learning. Our teacher prepares notes according to class 4 syllabus systematically and practically. It contains answers to questions given at the end of each exercises of class 4 computer book. You should use this workbook every day to revise the syllabus. In this book, all important and difficult topics have been explained in a way that 4th graders will enjoy learning with fun.

How many chapters are there in class 4 Computer Book?

The computer book for class 4, given here, has total 9 chapters. It includes the chapters based on introduction of computer and its components, hardware and software, MS Office and Internet. In other books, there may be more or less number of chapter in computer book but the core concept remains same in all the book published for class 4 computer subject.

What are the main topics in Computer Subject of class 4?

The basics of computer science is common in all the primary classes. We are well aware about these basic as already studied in previous classes also. Here, in class 4, we will focus on the components of MS Office program. The main focus of learning in class 4 computer subject is to learn about MS Word and MS PowerPoint working.