NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics in Hindi and English Medium PDF format are available to download updated for new academic session 2024-25. CBSE Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions are a set of comprehensive and detailed answers, explanations, and solutions for the exercises and problems presented in the Class 11 Physics textbook published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). These solutions are designed to help students understand and master the concepts covered in the Physics curriculum for Class 11 under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India. Get here Solutions of Exercises, Additional Exercises, Supplementary material and NCERT books.
Class 11 Physics Chapter Wise NCERT Solutions
Chapter 1. Units and Measurements
Chapter 2. Motion in a Straight Line
Chapter 3. Motion in a Plane
Chapter 4. Laws of Motion
Chapter 5. Work, Energy and Power
Chapter 6. System of Particles and Rotational Motion
Chapter 7. Gravitation
Chapter 8. Mechanical Properties of Solids
Chapter 9. Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Chapter 10. Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 11. Thermodynamics
Chapter 12. Kinetic Theory
Chapter 13. Oscillations
Chapter 14. Waves
The CBSE Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions offer step-by-step explanations for the various types of questions and problems found in the textbook. These solutions cover a wide range of topics in physics, including mechanics, thermodynamics, waves, optics, electromagnetism, and more. By providing clear explanations, diagrams, graphs, and examples, these solutions aim to make complex physics concepts accessible and understandable to students.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics

Class: 11Physics
Number of Chapters:14 (Fourteen)
Content:NCERT Solutions and Notes
Content Type:Text, Images, PDF and Videos
Academic Session:2024-25
Medium:Hindi and English Medium

Offline Apps based on latest NCERT Solutions for (+1) are available to download along with the answers given at the end of the book. Key features and benefits of CBSE Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions are given here. The solutions help students develop a strong understanding of fundamental physics concepts, laying the foundation for advanced topics in Class 12 and beyond. Revision books, based on Latest CBSE Syllabus, for each chapter as well as notes of each chapter are available to download in PDF format. Chapter tests and assignments will be uploaded time to time. Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions align with the CBSE curriculum, making them valuable study materials for exams, including school exams and board exams. If you are having any suggestion for the improvement, your are welcome. The improvement of the website and its contents are based on your suggestion and feedback.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics in PDF

The solutions include practice exercises that allow students to apply their knowledge and practice problem-solving skills. These follow a logical sequence, guiding students through the thought process required to solve different types of physics problems. Class 11 Physics NCERT text book solutions are given here to download in PDF. Extra study material covering the whole syllabus divided into 10 units will help the students in revising the complete course. Unit 1 contains the material related to dimension and measurement, Unit 2 is covering Kinematics, Unit 3 covers the newton’s law of motion, similarly the Unit 4Unit 5,  Unit 6Unit 7Unit 8Unit 9 and Unit 10 covers the entire curriculum. Many physics concepts are explained using diagrams, graphs, and illustrations to enhance understanding. The solutions often include real-world examples that demonstrate the practical applications of physics concepts.

NCERT Book solutions are prepared by experienced educators and experts in the field. This ensures that the content is accurate, reliable, and follows the best pedagogical practices. Strong comprehension of Class 11 physics concepts facilitated by these solutions can help students prepare for various competitive entrance exams. CBSE Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions are designed to be self-explanatory, making them suitable for self-study and independent learning. In essence, Class 11 Physics NCERT solutions play a crucial role in helping students lay a solid foundation in physics, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their studies and future pursuits.

11th Physics solutions are prepared by subject matter experts, ensuring accuracy and quality in the explanations and solutions provided. Overall, CBSE Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions serve as a valuable resource to help students master the subject, develop problem-solving skills, and prepare for exams and future academic pursuits in the field of physics or related disciplines.

Extra Book for Practice and Revision in Physics Class 11

The NCERT solutions for Class 11 Physics hold significant importance for students. Physics is a fundamental subject that forms the basis for many scientific and technical fields. Here’s why Class 11 Physics Tiwari Academy NCERT solutions are important. Class 11 Physics introduces students to essential concepts that lay the groundwork for more advanced topics in higher classes.


The work ‘Physics’ has originated from Greek work fusis, meaning nature. So, in physics we deal with nature and natural phenomena. We understand nature only through the study matter, energy and their interactions. The solutions provided in NCERT textbooks and their solutions align closely with the CBSE Class 11 Physics syllabus. As a result, studying these solutions thoroughly prepares students for their exams, including the board exams and competitive entrance exams.

Physics involves problem-solving and critical thinking. NCERT solutions include a variety of exercises that require students to apply concepts to solve problems. Practicing these problems hones their analytical and problem-solving skills. It often involves visual concepts, such as diagrams, graphs, and illustrations. NCERT solutions use these visual aids to explain concepts, making it easier for students to grasp abstract ideas.

Branches of Physics

Mechanics and properties of matter, Heat and thermodynamics, Sound or acoustics, Electricity and magnetism, Modern physics, Biophysics, Astrophysics, Geophysics, Nuclear physics, etc. Physics is based on mathematical equations and formulas. NCERT solutions break down these equations step by step, making it easier for students to understand how they are derived and applied.

Theories of Physics

1. Classical Mechanics: It explains the motion of particles which travel with velocities much less than that of light.
2. Theory of Relativity: It explains the in-variance in nature and also the motion of particles which travel with velocities close to that of light.
3. Thermodynamics: It is the theory of heat, temperature and conversion of heat into work and vice-versa. It also explains the behaviours of systems containing very large number of particles.
NCERT solutions often include real-life examples that demonstrate the practical applications of physics concepts. This helps students relate theoretical concepts to the world around them.

4. Electromagnetism: It is theory of electricity, magnetism and the electromagnetic radiation including optics.
5. Quantum Mechanics: It explains the behaviours of atomic and subatomic systems of particles.
According to Albert Einstein, Science is not just a collection of laws, a catalogue of unrelated facts. It is a creation of human mind with its freely invented ideas and concepts. About modern physics, he said, the reality created by modern physics is indeed, far removed from the reality of the early days.
Many competitive entrance exams for engineering and other science-related fields include physics questions. Strong foundational knowledge gained from NCERT solutions can give students an advantage in such exams.

Physics is a basic Science. Why?

The animate and ananimate – all objects are made up of matter and energy. Therefore, any type of study of an object is basically the study of some manifestation of matter and energy. The concepts learned in Class 11 Physics are built upon in Class 12 and higher education. Understanding Class 11 concepts thoroughly using NCERT solutions ensures a smooth transition to more advanced topics. The matter and energy is the subject of study of physics, hence the laws of physics are at work at the root of the all sciences. Therefore, it need not be surprising if some direct modification of the laws of physics appear to be underlying the human behaviour also. Due to these reasons physics has intimate relationship with all the sciences and hence it is called a fundamental science. Physics requires logical reasoning and critical analysis. By working through NCERT solutions, students develop logical thinking skills that are valuable in various academic and professional pursuits.

NCERT solutions are designed to be self-explanatory. This makes them a great resource for self-study, enabling students to learn and revise concepts independently. Ask your doubts related to NIOS or CBSE Board and share your knowledge with your friends and other users through Discussion Forum. Download NCERT Solutions and CBSE Offline Apps based on latest NCERT Books. Class 11 Physics covers a wide range of topics, including mechanics, thermodynamics, waves, and more. NCERT textbook solutions provide a comprehensive understanding of these topics, helping students build a holistic view of the subject.

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