Class 3 GK General Knowledge book Chapter 1 to 52 with Questions and Answers, exercises and assignment books in PDF based on new syllabus CBSE 2024-25. Get here 52 topics for Class 3 General Awareness including current affairs Questions-answers, activities in the form of pictures and text.

Class 3 GK General Knowledge

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General Knowledge Question Answers for Class 3

GK does not mean the questions read from a particular book, but it means knowing about the surroundings. General Knowledge actually means more than just understanding the answers to the questions given in the books. Under this, the knowledge of a student can be measured by the updated knowledge of current events in various topics and fields.

This also leads to all-round development of the intelligence of the student. A total of 52 chapters have been included in the general knowledge book for class 3. Each chapter is based on a new topic. GK question answers are also given at the end of the chapter for practice. In almost all the lessons, an activity based question is given.

Personality Development of Students through General Knowledge

General knowledge in any class helps to increase the confidence level of the students. It also proves beneficial during many exams. There are many benefits of answering questions from class 3 general knowledge book for students studying GK. In this, each topic has been taken as a separate chapter. Students can easily memorize a lesson by reading it once, which is a beneficial source to perform well in any examination. A strong foundation in general knowledge helps class 3 students to establish a unique identity not only in the school but also in the society around them.

Syllabus for Class 3 General Knowledge

The Class 3 General Knowledge syllabus has been designed to be simple and useful to help students develop at a personal and academic level. Various important concepts have been covered in 52 lessons included in the General Knowledge syllabus for 3rd Standard. General Knowledge Question Answers for Class III has been created by expert team of Tiwari Academy.

These provide world class material in General Knowledge to the students of Class 3 CBSE. The use of third grade GK question answers helps students better understand their perceptions of the world, their understanding and analysis of situations. In 52 chapters of General Knowledge Book, questions and answers have been designed on the basis of information related to India and abroad.

Importance of General Knowledge in Class 3

General knowledge is one subject which can really help us to grow both personally and academically. It improves our understanding about the country, the world and helps us to understand and analyze the environment better. Through this we are able to collect correct information. General Studies makes our thinking broad and useful.

In today’s era, we can also understand our environment very well through the medium of common sense or General Knowledge. Through this, students can become a conscious intellectual by being adept at current events and world knowledge. General knowledge is useful for boosting confidence as well as for important events like interview.

Why is it important to study General Knowledge in Class 3?

A comprehensive understanding of general information is essential for success in various walks of life in all classes. Therefore, General Knowledge is also a main source for study and awareness for class 3 students. A solid foundation of GK is essential to study any subject strongly. General Knowledge is important for class 3 students for several reasons. GK plays the main role for any debate competition, competitive exam or information about the environment. Students can make their general studies more effective by keeping up with current events in the news and having dynamic conversations with friends and family.

How to increase self-confidence of class 3 students in GK?

A solid foundation of general knowledge can easily develop self-confidence in Class 3 students. It is a subject in which the more knowledge one has, the more comfortable and accomplished the student will be. A child’s basic identity is formed during the first five to ten years of student learning. Much depends on how the student has acquired general knowledge in early life. Even after reading a variety of books, the student becomes more confident, friendly and intelligent.

Is GK an important subject for class 3 students?

In today’s environment, general knowledge is essential for the growth and success of class 3 students. That is to say, it is necessary to learn and expand knowledge in various fields. It is very important for students to learn in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. Apart from core education students can develop in various fields. The success of a Class 3 student depends on how much he learns from his environment.

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