NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Computer Science Book updated for new academic session 2024-25 CBSE and state board students. Grade 2 Computer study material and revision of all chapters including fundamental. All the chapters are simplified to provide a basic knowledge to the students of Grade 2.
Chapter Wise Class 2 Computer Science
Chapter 1. Know Your Computer
Chapter 2. Parts of Computer
Chapter 3. Hardware and Software
Chapter 4. Input and Output Devices
Chapter 5. Using a Keyboard
Chapter 6. Mouse
Chapter 7. Uses of Computer
Chapter 8. MS window
Chapter 9. Paint Program

Class 2 Computer Science Study Material

Students of Class 2 can get here Computer Science Book to cover their computer course. If you are a Class 2 Student, this computer book help you a lots. All the related chapters including basics of computer are given here. This is the right place for you where you can get all the study material related to grade 2 students.

In this article you will get computer book of class 2 which includes all the necessary chapters at this stage. This computer science book will be very helpful in class 2 exams and understanding about computer fundamental. Chapters given here are in accordance with the CBSE or Central Board of School Education class 2 standard. We follow the latest CBSE syllabus while preparing study material or revision books, so that students can study through the latest version.

Syllabus for Class 2 Computer Science

Class 2 Computer Science book, given here, contains 9 chapters. These chapters are based on Know Your Computer, Parts of Computer, Hardware and Software and Input Devices Processing and Output Devices. Following this book students will able to know about using a Keyboard, Mouse, uses of Computer, MS Windows and Paint Program in detail.

Most of the schools like army public school, KVS, JNV and other state board follow the syllabus set by NCERT for Standard 2. So, this book help him a lot. The contents of each chapter is kept easy to understand. Topics are explained through pictures and graphs.

Computer Science books for Class 2 Students

The book for computer science given here is specially designed for a grade 2 students. So keep reading this book and article till the end to get suitable knowledge and high marks in class 2 exam. You can get class 2 computer books in English medium. Having a good book is important to excel in class 2 final exams. This book is the best way to prepare for class 2 based computer knowledge.

Along with the book you can download class 2 computer subject notes. These notes will cover the computer syllabus of class 2. It is regularly updated and revised according to the latest curriculum. Our teachers who teaches computer science in class 2 to help us to create contents and study material. These teachers have ample experience teaching 2nd grade students.

Worksheets and Notes for Class 3 Computer Science

After each chapter, exercises, activities and practice worksheets are given here to enhance the knowledge better. Class 2 teacher knows where students find difficulties to learn with computer science. Teachers systematically and practically prepare notes based on class 2 syllabus. It contains answers to questions and assignments from class 2 computer’s chapters. Students should use these notes and assignments every day to maintain the knowledge in computers. In this book, all important and difficult topics are explained in a way that 2nd graders will enjoy learning.

Class 2 Computer Science Chapters

There is no book issued by NCERT or CBSE for Class 2 Computer Science. Only private publisher’s book are available in bookshops. Different books carry different number of chapters in computer book. The book given here on Tiwari Academy have total of 9 chapters. It includes all the fundamental knowledge which is need in class 2. Student can also practice Worksheets for Class 2 Computer Subjects given here. These worksheets are suitable for faster revision of the 2nd grade curriculum. With this help you can score better in the upcoming exams. We also develop many printable study materials like MCQs, Worksheets, Model Papers, Important Books, and Papers with previous year questions for class 2. Our motive is that students can easily understand computer syllabus.

How many chapters are there in Class 2 NCERT Computer Book?

There is not any book published by NCERT. CBSE prescribes syllabus for kids and school teachers or some private publishers prepare the contents for class 2 computer science. Computer studies is a very important subject in class 2 to get better grades. Tiwari Academy computer book is designed to be easy for 2nd graders to learn. It has total 9 chapters. Nowadays, it is important to use new and innovative methods for teaching 2nd grade students. The use of latest information technology, informatics and interactive technologies makes learning easier in Class 2.

Is Computer Science a tough subject in class 2?

Learning computer science is a fun for the students in primary classes. In this article we have provided class 2 computer book for easy learning. If you face any problem while practicing the book, please contact us for help. We will help you as soon as possible. Can you think of a special question for 2nd degree studies? Feel free to ask in the Discussion section.