NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Computer Science 1 Know Your Computer in English Medium updated for educational session 2024-25. Grade 2 computer science chapter 1 contents are helpful for CBSE and other boards to provide the computer knowledge to students.

Our Computer

We are living in the age of computers. Nothing makes life better than computers. They have entered into every field today. Computers have become an important part of our lives. Come, let us know more about a computer. Over the time, man has invented machines to make his life easy. There are two types of machines.

Manual machines run by man. Electronic machines run on electricity. Let us see some examples. Some Features of Machines:

    • Machine makes our work easy.
    • Machine saves our time and energy.
    • Machine works faster than man.
    • Machine works accurately.
    • All machines are made by man.

What is a Computer?

A computer is an electronic machine. It can do all kinds of work very easily and quickly. A computer never gets tired. It cannot work without electricity. The human brain is the creator of computers. The computer was invented by ‘Charles Babbage’. He is known as the ‘father of computer’.
Benefits of a Computer

    1. It can store numbers, alphabets, movies etc.
    2. It can do calculations.
    3. It can follow instructions.
    4. It can solve difficult sums quickly.
    5. You can play games with computer.

Computer is a many-in-one machine
Computer can do the work of a calculator, T.V, music system, VCR, video game, telephone, sound recorder, fax machine etc.
Computer works on our commands
Computer is different from other machines because –
It can do so many different types of jobs.
It can store orders or directions given by us and work according to that.

Uses of Computer
    • You can play games.
    • You can draw pictures.
    • You can play music.
    • You can make birthday cards.
    • You can paint the picture.
    • You can send messages.
    • You can solve the sums.
Computer Versus Man

We have studied that machines can make our daily life simpler and easier. They save our time. Let us see what makes the computer so special and how it can work better than us.

    1. Computer can work fast: When you do some calculation work, it takes time to calculate accurately. But computer can do calculations in a while, which is much faster than you.
    2. Computer does not get tired: When you do your home work continuously, you get tired and bored. You need breaks to avoid boredom and tiredness.
      But a computer never gets tired and bored. It can keep on working for a long time without even getting bored.
    3. Computer can remember a lot of things: When you study, you remember something and forget something about what you have studied in the past.
      But a computer can store a lot of information. It has memory which acts as a brain.
    4. Computer can do different kinds of things: We cannot do all sorts of job with same efficiency. Some students are good at Maths, some are good in languages and some are good at drawings.

But computer can do a lot of things, without any mistake. It can be used for calculating, drawing, playing games, messaging and for so many jobs.
Computer works on our command. We feed commands and data in computer. CPU stores them and takes action on them. It then shows the result on monitor or printer

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