Class 12 Psychology Chapter 2 MCQ Self and Personality with answers and 12th Psychology chapter 2 Solutions are updated for new academic session 2024-25. After completing the theory part from NCERT, class 12 Psychology chapter 2 MCQ are good tools for revision.

Class 12 Psychology Chapter 2 MCQ

Which psychologists taught individual psychology?
a) Karen Horney
b) Erickson
c) Adler
d) Freud

c) Adler
Personal psychology, Austrian psychiatrist Alfred his writings on the theory by Adler. He saw the striving for personal superiority and power as the chief motive of human thought and action, partly as a compensation for an inferiority complex.

Class 12 Psychology Chapter 2 MCQ Set 1


The concept of self-efficacy is

[A]. Skinner Learning Theory
[B]. Behaviorist school
[C]. Rogers Theory
[D]. Bandura’s Social Learning Theory

Personality is a combination of the ______ gunas according to the Indian conception.

[A]. 2
[B]. 3
[C]. 4
[D]. None

The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) was developed by

[A]. Morgan and Murray
[B]. Hathaway and McKinley
[C]. Hermann Rorschach and Cattell
[D]. None of the above.

16 Personality Factors (16 PF) questionnaire was created by

[A]. Hathaway
[B]. McKinley
[C]. Vieh
[D]. Eysenck

Which of the following psychologists classified all personalities as introverts and extroverts?
a) Stephen
b) Carl jung
c) Carl marx
d) john

b) Carl Jung
Description:- According to the theory of 20th century Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung Action, the basic personality types are introverted and extroverted. Introverts, he described as being more focused on their inner world, are thoughtful and insightful.

Class 12 Psychology Chapter 2 MCQ Set 2


Which of the following personality types is described as loud, cold, or energetic? Not even

[A]. Mesomophat
[B]. Linguistics
[C]. Mesomorph
[D]. Microlthitics

Students believe that they will be able to complete their tasks effectively and achieve their goals. Here is an example of

[A]. Self Control
[B]. Self Concept
[C]. Self-worth
[D]. Self-efficacy

The tendency of respondents to endorse items in a socially desirable manner is known as

[A]. Acquiescence
[B]. Halo effect
[C]. Self-report
[D]. Social desirability

When people try to make unreasonable feelings or behaviors seem reasonable and acceptable, it is known as
a) Rationalization
b) Denial
c) Reaction formation
d) Regression.

a) Rationalization
A person tries to make unreasonable feelings or behaviour seem reasonable and acceptable.A person might account for a bad mood or general rude behavior by explaining that bad traffic affected the morning commute, for example. Someone who is passed over for a promotion might rationalize the disappointment by claiming to not have wanted so much responsibility after all.

Class 12 Psychology Chapter 2 MCQ Set 3

Which one of the following is an attribute of well-being

[A]. Negative thinking
[B]. Ethical conduct
[C]. Generation gap
[D]. None of above.

Nisha shows aggression most of the times in her classroom, and often calls her classmates aggressive. Identify the defense mechanism

[A]. Projection
[B]. Reaction formation
[C]. Repression
[D]. Denial

The ______ are stable, and are considered as the building blocks of personality.

[A]. Source traits
[B]. Surface traits
[C]. Cardinal traits
[D]. Central traits

The ______ is the original source of personality, present in the newborn infant.

[A]. Id
[B]. Ego
[C]. Superego
[D]. None of the above.

Which of the following parts of body Freud referred as erogenous zones?
a) The mouth
b) The anus
c) The genitals
d) All of the above.

d) All of the above.
The last stage in this theory begins at puberty and, like “Grey’s Anatomy,” never ends. It’s when the libido reemerges. According to Freud, this is when an individual begins to have strong sexual interest in the opposite sex.

Class 12 Psychology Chapter 2 MCQ Set 4

TAT of personality measurement is a type of

[A]. Questionnaire
[B]. Self-report inventory
[C]. Projective test
[D]. Paper-pencil test

16 PF Questionnaire was given by

[A]. Cattel
[B]. Eysenck
[C]. Hathaway
[D]. McKinley

Kritika believes in being able to effectively complete assigned class assignments and achieve goals. Here is an example

[A]. Self-efficacy
[B]. Self-concept
[C]. Self Esteem
[D]. Self Control

Respondents’ propensity to endorse an article in a socially desirable way is known as

[A]. Tolerance
[B]. Self-Disclosure
[C]. Social Desirability
[D]. Halo Effect

Carl Jung
a) Individual Psychology
b) Psychoanalytic Psychology
c) Social Psychology
d) Analytical Psychology

b) Psychoanalytic Psychology
Psychoanalysis, the treatment of mental disorders influenced by psychoanalytic theories that emphasize unconscious mental processes, sometimes called “depth psychology”. The psychoanalytic movement arose out of Freud’s clinical observations and formulations of his Freudian psychiatrist Sigmund, who produced.