Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 31 Story Writing. A story is the simplest form of composition. But it needs great practice. It must be divided into paragraphs. Writing more and more stories, improve our thinking and writing skills. Always think differently, when you are thinking about to write a story. It should be interesting and try to relate it with real facts.

Class: 6English
Chapter: 31Story Writing
Textbooks:Course book and Revision book
Academic Session:2024-25

6th English Grammar Chapter 31 Story Writing Skills

Main Points for writing a Story

    1. Read the outline very carefully and understand it.
    2. Be sure to get hold of important words and phrases in the story.
    3. Don’t change the story, only reproduce it.
    4. Take special care to bring out clearly the chief points of interest in the story.
    5. Whenever possible introduce a dialogue or a conversation.
    6. As far as possible, write the story in the past tense.
    7. A suitable title may be fixed if it is not already given.
    8. The moral of the story if any, may be given.
Model of a Story

A thirsty bee ________goes to river to drink water ________is carried away by the current of water—a tree on the bank of river sitting a dove there—sees drowning bee—plucks a leaf, drops near drowning bee-bee climbs it ___dries wings flies away _____some days later____ hunter comes ____sees dove _________aim _____bee sees danger______ stings him _____misses aim _________dove flies away and saves.

Story with Moral

One day it was very hot. A bee was very thirsty. It went to a river to drink water. The water current was very strong. It carried the bee away. It was drowning. There was a tree on the bank of the river. A dove was sitting on it. She saw the drowning bee. She took pity on it. She plucked a leaf and dropped it near the bee. The bee climbed up the leaf. It dried its wings and flew away.
Some days later, a hunter came there. He saw the dove. He aimed at her. The bee saw all this. It flew to the hunter. It stung him on his hand. The hunter missed his aim. The dove flew away. Her life was saved. She thanked the bee. They became fast friends.

Moral: Do good, have good.

Own Stories

Students should write stories with own. Never try to copy the stories of other. After reading a story we can take an idea only.

Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 31 Story Writing
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