Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 32 Letter Writing. There are basically three types of letter we write: Personal Letters, Business Letters and Official Letters. Personal letters are written to friends, relatives and other near and dear ones. They are about personal and private matters. Business letters are written to traders and business houses to deal with business matters whereas official letters are written to offices of various departments – to teachers, editors of newspapers and applications for post.

Class: 6English Grammar
Chapter: 32Letter Writing
Academic Session:2024-25
Content:Textbook and Helpbook for revision

6th English Grammar Chapter 32 Letter Writing skills

Personal Letter Sample

B-1, 107, Street No. 7
Ram Krishna Colony,
15 June, 20…………
Dear Aman,
Your result is out today. I am very glad to know that you have passed your M.S. Examination with flying colours. It is the result of your hard work. You really worked very hard. Your name is in the merit list. You have got the second position in the state. You have won a scholarship. You deserve it. All the teachers are proud of you.
I congratulate you and your parents on your grand success. I am proud of you. May you
be a great man! I am waiting for a grand party.
Pay my regards to your parents.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

Business Letter Sample

H. No. 288, Kankar Bagh,
3rd June, 20………
The Manager
Tiwari Academic Books
Rajdhani Enclave,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
We received your book parcel sent to us as per V.P.P. However, on opening the parcel we found that the books sent by you are not the ones that we ordered in our letter. We are, therefore, returning the books sent by you. We request you to send us the
correct books kindly.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Official Letter Sample

The Principal
K. L. Public School
Vikas Puri,
New Delhi
I, as the monitor of Class VI, beg to say that our class immediately needs special coaching periods in English. As you know, there was no teaching of English in our class for one month. This was so due to long illness of our English teacher. Much of the course is yet to be done. I feel that it cannot be done in time. Special coaching periods will be a big help in the matter.
So, I request you most respectfully to give us that help.
Thanking you!
Yours obediently,

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