Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 27 Summary Writing. It is skillful for a student to summarize a extract of story or documentary in own words. Writing the summary of a given passage means writing its main points in about one third of the length of the given passage. We have to include all the main points of the passage and write in compact format.

Class: 6English Grammar
Chapter: 27Summary Writing
Contents:Textbook and Revision Book

Step by Step procedure to write Summary

    • Read the given passage two, three times so that you may understand it fully.
    • Underline the main points stated in it.
    • Then prepare a brief outline of the passage.
    • The outline must be in your own words.
    • Avoid the use of the words and phrases used in the given passage.
    • Now write a summary in a connected style.

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Example of Summary Writing

Read the following passage and write its summary in own words.
Once there was an Arab who lived in a town. He was a rich man and had many friends. They used to play chess every day in the afternoon. Unluckily, the Arab did not believe in God. His friends often asked him to give up his disbelief in God.

But he did not agree. One day, as the friends were playing chess, it began to rain very heavily. Streets turned into small streams and the roof of the Arab’s room began to leak. The Arab got afraid and his hands went up in prayer. From that day on, he became a true believer in God.

Summary of the passage

An Arab didn’t believe in God. His friends advised him to believe in God. But he didn’t agree. One day it rained heavily and the Arab’s room began to leak. He got afraid and became a believer. This summary may be written in differently but it should be in brief and all the main points should be covered.

Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 27 Summary Writing
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