Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 29 Paragraph Writing. We know that a paragraph is a small piece of writing. It consists of a group of related sentences that states facts about only one topic. Practice more and more paragraphs, we are able to write an essay easily. A paragraph gives an idea about a fact or incident. It includes almost all the main points related to that fact.

Class: 6English Grammar
Chapter: 29Paragraph Writing
Books:Textbook and Revision Notes
Academic Session:2024-25

6th English Grammar Chapter 29 Paragraph Writing with Examples

Things to Remember

1. A paragraph should deal with only one topic.
2. Every sentence in the paragraph should say something about that topic.
3. After writing the paragraph, it should be rechecked to correct all errors.

Paragraph: The game that make me happy

Hockey is my favourite game. I have been playing hockey since my childhood. It is our national game. We have been the world champions in this game for many years. It is very easy to learn. Twenty-two players are needed to play this game. On each side there are five forwards, three half backs and two full backs and a goal-keeper. A hockey match lasts for an hour and a half. One has to defend the goal posts. A player feels happy and proud when he scores a goal. It has a great educative value. We learn discipline, obedience to law, co-operation, team spirit and sportsmanship from games.

Paragraph: A Cup of Tea

One day my mother was not at home. I wanted to have a cup of tea. So I myself had to prepare tea. I went to the kitchen and lighted the stove. I put one cup of water into a kettle and put the kettle on the stove. After sometime the water began to boil. Now I added to it one tea spoonful of sugar. I wanted to make strong tea. So I put into the boiling water a good quantity of tea leaves. I let the tea brew for some time. Lastly I added milk to it. Now tea was ready. I poured it into the cup and took it. It was very tasty. I felt proud.

Health is Wealth

Good health is a great blessing. If we lose health we lose everything. A rich man who has ill health, cannot eat anything of his choice. Rich food becomes poison for him. But healthy poor man enjoys his food. So it is very necessary for us to keep healthy. We should chew our food well and use plenty of water. We should get up early, breathe in fresh air and take regular exercise. We should have regular habits and should observe fast at least once a month. If once we lose our health, it is very difficult to get it back. In fact, good health is a great wealth.

Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 29 Paragraph Writing
Class 6 Grammar Paragraph Writing
Class 6 Grammar Paragraph Writing Sample example
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