NCERT Solutions for Class 2 EVS Chapter 9 Our Neighbours updated for CBSE session 2024-25 in English medium. Grade 2 Environmental Studies chapter 9 explains us about our neighbours and their importance in our daily life. This is one of the most important chapters of EVS class 2.

Our Neighbours

All the members of a family living together form a family. It means that all people live in their own houses with their families. Some people who live near our house are called our neighbors. Thus some families living in nearby houses form the neighborhood. We live in a society as a family. Many families live near and around us. In this way a neighborhood is formed. Good neighbors take part in the joys and sorrows of their neighbors. They help their neighbors in their sorrows. They solve the problems they face together.

Class 2 EVS Chapter 9 MCQ


We always keep our neighborhood

[A]. Dirty
[B]. Noisy
[C]. Clean
[D]. Crowdy

With our neighbor, we must not

[A]. Happy
[B]. Friendly
[C]. Helping
[D]. Fight

We must throw garbage in the

[A]. Bucket
[B]. Dustbin
[C]. Lanes
[D]. Roads

In neighborhood, people live together of different

[A]. Communities
[B]. Families
[C]. Age
[D]. All of these

People in our neighborhood are called our neighbors and we must be good and friendly to our neighbors. They would be same for us. In neighborhood people of different communities live together. We must love and respect our neighbors. We must play, share and celebrate parties and festivals with our neighbors. We can go out for picnics with our neighbors.

Tick the right answer
    1. Good/bad neighbors make each other’s life happy.
    2. We must/must not help our neighbors in need.
    3. We must respect/disrespect our neighbors.
    4. The families living around/away from us form our neighborhood.
    5. We should not love/disturb our neighbors.


    1. Good
    2. Must
    3. Respect
    4. Around
    5. Disturb

We must help our neighbors in need. We should not disturb our neighbors while playing. We must always keep our neighborhood neat and clean. Good neighbors make each other’s life happy. In cities parks are built near the houses. Children living in the neighboring houses play there together. In villages also children living in nearby houses play in open places. People celebrate their festivals together. Good neighbors make good citizens of a country.

Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

1. Do you play with your neighbouring children?
2. Do you respect your old and elderly neighbours?
3. Do you help your neighbours in their joys and sorrows?
4. Do you visit your neighbouring houses without any purpose?

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