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The Sun

The sun, the moon and the stars are all heavenly bodies. The sun is a very large round hot ball, made up of very hot gases. It is so bright that we cannot look at it. It looks small as it is very-very far away from us. It gives heat, light and energy to all living things. It helps plants to grow. When the sun shines, the days are warm and bright. At night, when there is no sunshine, it is dark and cool. l Sun helps us to know the directions.

Class 2 EVS Chapter 15 MCQ


It is very large hot ball closer to Earth

[A]. Star
[B]. Moon
[C]. Sun
[D]. Light

It twinkles at night

[A]. Moon
[B]. Star
[C]. Sun
[D]. Bulb

Sun sets in the

[A]. East
[B]. North
[C]. South
[D]. West

It moves around the earth

[A]. Sun
[B]. Moon
[C]. Star
[D]. Earth

The sun removes the darkness of the earth. We get heat from the sun light and we also get vitamin ‘D’ from it. All plants prepare their food by photosynthesis. The sun appears above our head at noon. It sets in the evening. l Stand in front of rising sun and know:

    • In front of me is East.
    • On my back is West.
    • On my left is North.
    • On my right is South.
Fill in the blanks
    1. No one can count the ________.
    2. The sun rises in the ________.
    3. ________ changes its shape.
    4. Moon takes its light from sun________.


    1. Stars
    2. East
    3. Moon
    4. Sun

The Moon: The moon is round like a ball. It is cool, mild and shines at night. It is smaller then both the sun and the earth. It is very near from the earth and moves around the earth. We see different shapes of the moon on different days. It takes light from the sun.

Tick the correct answer
    1. The sun/moon is very hot.
    2. The sun rises/sets in the morning.
    3. The stars/sun twinkle at night.
    4. The light of the moon is hot/cool.
    5. The moon/stars change its shape.


    1. Sun
    2. Rises
    3. Stars
    4. Cool
    5. Moon

The Stars: Stars are countless and twinkles at night. They are very big and bright but looks small as they are very far away from us. They have their own heat and light.

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