NCERT Solutions for Class 2 EVS Chapter 12 Weather and Seasons updated for new academic session CBSE and State board 2024-25. In Grade 2 Environmental Studies chapter 12 students will know about the different seasons and types of whether in India.

Weather and Seasons

Sometimes we feel that the air around us is hot and sometimes cold. These changes are known as weather. It keeps on changing. Here some areas are cold and some areas are hot. Similarly, in some months we have more rain and in some months we have pleasant weather.
Here five seasons occur consecutively in a year. These seasons are:

    • 1. Summer season
    • 2. Rainy season
    • 3. Autumn season
    • 4. Winter season
    • 5. Spring season.

Class 2 EVS Chapter 12 MCQ


Trees begin to shed pale leaves in

[A]. Summers
[B]. Winters
[C]. Autumn
[D]. Spring

We like to have ice-creams, watermelon in

[A]. Monsoon
[B]. Winter
[C]. Autumn
[D]. Summer

We see many clouds in the sky on a

[A]. Windy day
[B]. Cloudy day
[C]. Rainy day
[D]. Hot day

We see colorful butterflies in season of

[A]. Spring
[B]. Monsoon
[C]. Winter
[D]. Autumn

Summer Season
This season starts from the month of April and lasts till late June. The sun rays fall on the earth directly in these months. That is why the days are very hot. People use fans and coolers to cool themselves. They wear light cotton clothes. Cotton clothes help feel less hot. People drink cold water and juice to beat the heat. Some people move to hilly areas to escape from the summer heat. The climate there is colder than that in the plains.

Tick the right answer
    1. A strong wind blow on a windy/stormy day.
    2. Spring/Autumn is beautiful season.
    3. We enjoy hot/cold drinks in winters.
    4. We use umbrellas in monsoon/winters.


    1. Stormy
    2. Spring
    3. Hot
    4. Monsoon

Rainy season: Rainy season starts at the end of summer. This season generally prevails from July to September. In this season, winds full of water vapors, called monsoon winds flow from the seas. These winds bring rain to the plains. Our country has different types of rain at different places. It means some places have light rainfall and some have a heavy rainfall. The places having a heavy rainfall are sometimes flooded also. People have to face many difficulties.
People welcome this rainy season with a great zeal. People use umbrellas in this season. There is greenery everywhere. In this season farmers sow rice and children feel happy and swing on the swings.

Write any two things that we use in Summer, Winter and Rainy Season

Summer Season: Cotton cloths, ice-cream.
Winter Season: Coat, hot drinks
Rainy Season: Umbrella, rain coat.

Autumn season
After the rainy season the weather changes. In October and November, the autumn season starts. These months are neither too hot nor too cold. Trees shed their leaves during this season. So it is called autumn season.

Winter season
Winter season lasts from December to February. In December the weather becomes cold. In winter people wear warm woolen clothes. People mostly bask in the sun. People like to drink hot tea and coffee. Due to snowfall on the mountains the weather becomes cold. People visit hilly areas to see the snowfall. There are four main seasons but there is one more season also. It is called spring season.

Spring season
In the month of March flowers blossom and new leaves grow on the trees. Spring enriches natural beauty. Now nature is full of flowers. Many trees are laden with flowers and koels begin to sing sweet songs. The cuckoo is heard cooing in this season. This month is called the month of Basant.

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