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Our Helpers

There are many people who help us. We need various things in our daily life. Living in a society we have to help each offer for our various needs. So we depend on others. In our life we use services of many people such as a teacher, a village servant, a Pradhan, a police man, a watch man, a doctor, a nurse and a sanitation worker. Their services are called public services. They all do work (occupation) for us and give us good service.
Let us meet some people who help us daily.

A barber cuts our hair. A washerman washes our clothes. A cobbler mends our shoes. A milkman brings milk. A tailor stitches our clothes. A carpenter makes furniture. A policeman catches thieves. Policemen help us in many ways. They maintain law and order. They control the traffic also. Police catches thieves and criminals. Police also guards governmental and non-governmental buildings. Police helps people by catching the cheaters and law breakers. The police guards the whole society. The police contain the terrorism and infiltration into the country. A policeman remains awake when the whole country sleeps soundly.

Class 1 EVS Chapter 15 MCQ


A green-grocer sells

[A]. Letters
[B]. Medicines
[C]. Vegetables
[D]. Books

A tailor stitches our

[A]. Shoes
[B]. Clothes
[C]. Furniture
[D]. Hair

A carpenter makes

[A]. Shoes
[B]. Letters
[C]. Clothes
[D]. Furniture

A washerman washes our

[A]. Clothes
[B]. Vegetables
[C]. Hair
[D]. Shoes

A fireman puts off fire. Firemen risk their own lives to save the people and their goods. Firemen reach within minutes after they are informed about a burning shop, house, building or a hut. Fire is put out by pouring water and gas. Firemen put out fire. A postman brings our letters. A doctor gives medicines. A green-grocer sells vegetables. A teacher teaches us. A potter makes earthen pots. A farmer grows food that we eat.

Fill in the following blanks
    1. Police ________ the whole society.
    2. We use ________ of many people.
    3. Police ________ the thieves and criminals.
    4. A ________ is a true servant of the society.


    1. Saves
    2. Services
    3. Catches
    4. Doctor

Village servant
A village servant serves the village. He is a true friend of the villagers. He teaches the villagers to live a good life. He gives them tips of healthy life. He also tells them about new means of agriculture, foods, fertilizers and seeds of good quality.

Class 1 EVS Chapter 15 Multiple Choice Questions

To call up the fire station, we should dial

[A]. 100
[B]. 101
[C]. 102

A doctor gives us

[A]. Toys
[B]. Fruits
[C]. Medicines

Who guards us?

[A]. Watchman
[B]. Teacher
[C]. Doctor

Village Maid-Gram Sewika
A gram Sewika goes to different villages and tells the village women how to keep their surroundings clean and how to look after their children. They tell them tips of healthy life. They tell them that a small family is a happy family. All the village women abide by their advice because they give it free. Their manner of talking and behaviour is admirable.

Fill in the blanks
    1. A ________ cures sick people.
    2. A ________ teaches us.
    3. The ________ catch thieves.
    4. A ________ brings letters.
    5. A ________ mends shoes.


    1. Doctor
    2. Teacher
    3. Police
    4. Postman
    5. Cobbler

In addition to all the above helpers in our neighborhood, postmen, tailors, barbers, cobblers, washerman, carpenters, blacksmiths and mechanics also serve us in different ways. So we can say that a man living in a society takes help of many people. He is not a complete man in himself. We must, therefore, live together and help each other. If we have such feelings, no difficult problem will ever come in our way. This feeling of brotherhood will make the society strong.

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