NCERT Solutions for Class 1 EVS Chapter 14 Know about the Day in English Medium updated for CBSE and other state board students session 2024-25. After reading the chapter, students can practice the question answers given at the end of chapter in the form of exercises.

Morning Activities

A day can be divided into four parts. These are morning, afternoon, evening and night. We know the time by a clock or a watch. The sun rises in the morning. We all get up in the morning. We brush our teeth. We get ready for school. Fathers get ready for office. Mothers cook our breakfast. We all eat breakfast. The sun shines brightest during midday. This is afternoon. We come back home from school. Everyone eats lunch. We take rest.

Class 1 EVS Chapter 14 MCQ


Small hand of a clock shows

[A]. Minute
[B]. Second
[C]. Hour
[D]. Day

We come back from school in the

[A]. Morning
[B]. Night
[C]. Evening
[D]. Afternoon

We have tea or snacks in the

[A]. Afternoon
[B]. Evening
[C]. Night
[D]. Morning

It is dark in the

[A]. Night
[B]. Morning
[C]. Afternoon
[D]. Evening
Fill in the blanks
    1. We get up early in the _______.
    2. Mothers cook breakfast in the _______.
    3. A clock has _______ hands.
    4. We can divide a day into _______ parts.


    1. Morning
    2. Morning
    3. Three
    4. Four
Write any two activities that you do in the given time
    1. Morning
    2. Evening


    1. Morning: i). Brushing teeth. ii). Go to school
    2. Evening: i). Play cricket ii). Doing homework

The sun sets in the evening. We go out to play cricket in the park. Papa comes back from office. We do our homework. We also watch television. After evening, the night comes. Everyone eats dinner and watches tv and goes off to sleep. Watch or clock helps us to know the time. All watches or clocks have two hands. One is big and the second is small. The small hand shows the hours. The big hand shows the minutes. There are 60 seconds in a minute. There are 60 minutes in an hour. 24 hours make a day.

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