NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 2

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 2 Chapter 1 Noses and Unit 2 Chapter 2 The Little Fir Tree from NCERT Book for new session based on latest CBSE Syllabus 2021-2022. All the questions are solved in simple format so that students of standard 4 can understand easily.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 2

Class 4 English Unit 2 Chapter 1 Question Answers

Why does the poet feel that nose is a funny thing?

The poet feels the nose is a funny thing because it is stuck right out and has two holes where the air goes in and comes out.

Why is the nose is so important?

Nose is so important because with this we breathe.

Does the child in the poem like her nose? Why do you think so?

The child in the poem likes her nose because it is funny and sticks out like a handle!

Class 4 English Unit 2 Chapter 1 Noses – Summary

Aileen Fisher wrote this beautiful poem we can sing together about the Nose. She says it funny that whenever she sees herself in the mirror the first thing she notices is the nose and how it grows as she is growing. It seems funny how it is sticking out with two holes (Nostrils) where the air goes in. It resembles a Hand of some kind and asked us to see our nose how it looks so funny in the mirror.

4th English Unit 2 Chapter 1 New Word Meanings

MirrorReflective surface made of glass
GiggleLaughing without making noise
Breathing Inhale and exhale the air with nose
StickingPaste it together
NostrilsTwo holes under the nose

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Class 4 English Unit 2 Chapter 2 Question Answers. Tick the correct answer:

The pretty little fir tree was happy with the gold leaves but…

A man stole them.

The fir tree was sad…

Because it had needle-like leaves.

The fir tree was not happy with the gold leaves…

A man stole them.

Class 4 English Unit 2 Chapter 2 The little fir tree – Summary

One fine day the magician was returning home and suddenly it start raining and the magician went under the little fir tree and saved. In return, he asked for fir tree the 4 wishes that he can fulfill for him as he saved him. The tree asked the 1st wish to have green and soft leaves as no bird come to him and because of needles like leave.

The next morning when he woke up his leaves turned to soft and suddenly a goat came and ate all the soft leaves. Upset little fir tree then wished to have gold leaves as the goats don’t like to eat gold. But men came and stole all the gold leaves and upset the wished to have all the gold leaves turned to glass as men won’t steal glass.

The next morning it had glass leaves he was shining in day time but at night when the wind blew all her leaves it broke all the leaves. The tree is upset now and wished he had the best needles like leaves as nobody stole them and no one eats them and also it doesn’t beak and fall. Next wished for it and the next morning he got the return.

4th English Unit 2 Chapter 2 Word Meanings
Pretty Beautiful
NeedlesSharp pointy objects used for sewing
StoleTook without permission
GoldColor, Metal
Leaves Tree parts handing on every stem
The poem “Noses” in unit 2 class 4th marigold class 4 shared the relevant information about the importance of the Nose in a funny way?

Yes, the poem shared the information about how it grows and How air goes in and out and, it has two holes and why it looks funny are the points which were informed funnily.

In the unit 2.1 Class 4th Marigold poem Noses do thinks the poet Aileen fisher was successful to depict a child’s thought in a funny poem?

Aileen fished shared the importance of nose in really funny language with the example.

What do you think about the moral of the poem in Chapter 2 of Unit 2 in the Class 4th Marigold is?

In the poem The Fir tree the poet tells us about the tree that wished to change itself but after its wish was fulfilled it found that he was good the way it was and never a complaint.

What are the three different types of leaves that the fir tree from the magician in unit 2 Chapter 2 in class 4th NCERT English book?

The Tree wished for Gold Leaves. Soft leaves and Glass leaves.