NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 5

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 5 Chapter 1 Don’t be Afraid of the Dark and Unit 5 Chapter 2 Helen Keller with explanation and summary or Marigold. All the question-answers, MCQ, fill in the blanks, word meaning and other helpful contents are prepared according to new CBSE session 2021-2022.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 5

Class 4 English Unit 5 Chapter 1 Question Answers

What is the poem about?

The Poem is about the Darkness.

What happens when the day is over?

Night Come.

What does the earth do when the day is over?

The earth rests when the day is over.

What does the poet want us to do at night?

The poet wants us to let our thoughts travel to our friends.

Class 4 English Unit 5 Chapter 1 Don’t be afraid of dark – Summary

One of the best poet and writer Ruskin Bond wrote this poem about the night and asking not be afraid of dark instead be friends with it. The Poet says that after the day the earth must rest as we humans do because the sun was harsh with it and Moonlight is so calm and also, there are stars to be with us and will be always there.

The poet says don’t afraid of the dark and to be friends with It and think about the friend you have whether it is far or near. In a day we have to deal with our toughest problems but at night all the problems are gone so the night is beautiful.

4th English Unit 5 Chapter 1 Word Meaning

Word Meaning
DarkThe absence of Light
RestRelaxing, Doing Nothing
ForeverRemain Always

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Class 4 English Unit 5 Chapter 2 Question Answers

“Something’s is wrong said Helen’s mother. What was wrong with Helen?

After illness Helen lost her hearing power and her Vision.

Although Helen could not hear or see. What kind of girl was she?

She was a very smart girl.

Who agreed to help Helen?

Miss Sullivan.

What did Helen learn when the teacher put her hand into running water?

Helen understood that WATER meant something wet.

What was the most important thing that Helen finally understood?

Helen understood the words were the most important things in the world.

Class 4 English Unit 5 Chapter 2 Helen keller – Summary

Hellen Keller was born a healthy child in the summer of 1880 in Alabama. Sometime later the baby Helen fell sick and everyone got worried that she may not live anymore. But she did survive the illness. After she recovered a=something was wrong with her due to the illness Helen lost her power of hearing and vision.

Helen was a very tough and intelligent girl and her mother believe in her but she locked herself. She never let anyone comb her, changes her clothes, and sometimes lay down on the floor hitting her feet and getting angry.

Her parents tried to give her everything she wanted and one day her parents found her a teacher to teach and Miss Sullivan was very the strict and kind-hearted teacher she gave her a Doll and Wrote on her palm with finger D_o_L_L and Hellen quickly understood the word call doll and she loved to play with it. One day Miss Sullivan took her near the tap and put her hands under running water and on the other hand, she wrote W_A_T_E_R. Hellen understood that thing that wet the hands and running down is water and she also understand that words mean everything in the world.

4th English Unit 5 Chapter 2 Word Meaning
AgreedUnderstand and ready to follow the thought
ImportantThing which is required to do anything