NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 4

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 4 Chapter 1 Why? and Unit 4 Chapter 2 Alice in Wonderland of Marigold – 4 updated for new academic session 2021-2022. Students can take help in question answers, understanding the unit using summary and word meaning of the chapters.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 4

Class 4 English Unit 4 Chapter 1 Question Answers

Name a few things that sink.

Lead and marble.

List three questions that the little boy asks.

1. Why wood should swim?
2. Why lead and marble sinks?
3. Why do we eat and drink?

What sort of a boy is described in the poem?


Class 4 English Unit 4 Chapter 1 Why? – Summary

This is a poem about some of the most fascinating questions asked by the children:

    • The question is why lead and marbles should sink? Why wood should swim?
    • Why do clouds cross the sky?
    • Why does the sun shine?
    • Why do we eat and drink?
    • Why do flowers die and why sunset behind the hills?
    • Why this and why is that?

Some of the question asked by them is easy but some of them really hard. This is the curiosity of children have while they are growing up.

4th English Unit 4 Chapter 1 Word Meaning

Word Meaning
CuriousQuestioning nature
LeadA Metal
ReasonLogic for happening

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Class 4 English Unit 4 Chapter 2 Question Answers

While listening to the story, What did Alice see?

Alice saw a white rabbit scamper by.

What was different about the rabbit that Alice saw?

The Rabbit could talk, He was wearing a blue coat and red waistcoat.

How did Alice reach Wonderland?

Alice was following the rabbit into the Hole and fall into Wonderland.

What strange thing did Alice see?

Alice saw a glass table and on that a key, When she opened the door she found the Loveliest garden.

Describe in your words the garden that Alice saw.

The Garden that Alice saw was very beautiful with bright color flower beds and cool fountains.

Class 4 English Unit 4 Chapter 2 Alice in the wonderland – Summary

This is a fascinating story of a girl named Alice and how she explored the wonderland. This part of the story is taken from the famous novel Named “Alice in the wonderland” by author Lewis Caroll. In this part, Alice was sitting under the tree as her sister was reading a story to her. Suddenly she saw a Big rabbit walking wearing a blue and red coat.

The rabbit saw the watch and exclaimed that he is late again. Astonishingly, Alice followed the rabbit into the hole and fell miles down under the hole Alice questioned herself what if she fell down the other side of the earth or maybe out of the earth? And landed on a pile of dry leaves and when she came out of the hole she saw the rabbit again.

Rabit said he is late again and went away. She saw the glass table and a Key on it. She took the key and open the door and she saw the most beautiful garden there. Unfortunately, she is too big to enter the garden. But the garden is full of flower beds.

4th English Unit 4 Chapter 2 Word Meaning
ScamperRun fast, run quick
PoppedComing out
DisappearedNot visible
“Don’t be afraid of the dark” is the poem taken from class 4 unit 5, Chapter 1 addresses what problem?

The poem was written by “Ruskin Bond” addresses the issue to fear from the darkness which is common in childhood. So Ruskin bond says to children not afraid of it in a playful manner.

What do you think about the poem “in unit 5, chapter 1 in Marigold class 4?

The Poem was written by one of the greatest writers and authors Ruskin bond. I would suggest this poem be shared with kids who are afraid of darkness it is very common among children but once they understand the message it will be very easy for them to not be afraid.

Is Helen Keller’s in class 4, unit 5 chapter 2 in Marigold was inspiring?

The story of Hellen Keller is indeed inspiring because lots of children are by birth can’t hear or can see. Which was difficult and not understanding the words. This is said in the story in most important thing in the world is to make them understand their needs are important. Despite the disadvantage, she was a very smart girl and when her teacher (Ms. Sullivan) taught her she learned quickly.

Do your thing Miss Sullivan in the story from unit 5 chapter 2 from class 4 bought major changes in Helen Keller’s life?

Helen Keller was unable to hear and see anything and her parents wanted to help her and miss Sullivan taught her words so she could express herself and made her feel that she could learn things and that bought major changes in her life.