NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 1

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 1 Chapter 1 Wake Up and Unit 1 Chapter 2 Neha’s Alarm Clock Textbook Marigold updated for CBSE Session 2021-2022. Get the summary of the chapters and question answers with explanation.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit I

Class 4 English Unit 1 Chapter 1 Question Answers

What do you think birds say to each other in the morning?

Birds are singing in the tree.

Who is already awake?

The cow, the horses, the ducks, and the sheep even the tiniest chicken.

Which creature wakes up in the morning before the child does?

The birds and buzzing bees.

Class 4 English Unit 1 Chapter 1 Wake up – Summary

A beautiful poem about an alarm clock who wants to wake the Neha up in the morning by poet C. Fletcher.
Asking Neha to wake up and play. It’s morning and birds are sing and the buzzing of bees can be heard too.
It is too late to keep sleeping and wake up and freshen up and dress up as everyone is up now, the cows, the horse, the ducks and even chickens too.

4th English Unit 1 Chapter 1 New Word Meaning

LovelyNice, Beautiful
BuzzingSound coming from wings
SleepyheadSleeping person

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Class 4 English Unit 1 Chapter 2 Question Answers

What time did Neha’s clock ring every morning?


What did the birds say?

Wake up.

What is inside you that makes you get up at the same time every day?

Our body clock.

Class 4 English Unit 1 Chapter 2 Neha’s Alarm Clock – Summary

This is the story of a little girl who loves to sleep a little more Like we all do but her alarm clock always rings at 6 o’clock, an one fine day she wished that her alarm clock would miss her job to ring. The next day that happened but then birds came to the window and woke her up. She wished that the bird would leave her alone and that wish was also fulfilled. The next day, the birds didn’t come to wake her up but the Sun Did. Sun fulfilled the room with warm light and Neha woke up.

Again, she wished the sun would let her be. This wish was also fulfilled as the next day was cloudy. This time her mother came calling her name and asked to wake up otherwise she would miss the school bus. Neha got ready quickly as she can’t ignore the call of her mother. Then next thing happened Neha questioned why her mother has to wake her up daily.

The next day her mother didn’t wake her but this time Neha woke up and her watch say 6 o’clock. Neha questioned her mother who woke her up this morning? Her mother said everyone has an inner body clock which says when to eat when to wake up and she eats only at 1 o’clock daily so her body clock wakes her up every day but it is okay to sleep again as it is Sunday!

4th English Unit 1 Chapter 2 New Word Meaning
SnugglesGetting inside the blanket
MuttersWhispering to self
Window sill Window border
RelaxBeing calm
Do you find the poem “Wake up” Class 4, Unit 1 Chapter 1 is fun?

The picture and Rhyming words are made fund. The length of the poem is also short. So easy to remember the poem.

What are the different animals you found in the poem in class 4 Unit 1 chapter 1 woke up in the morning?

The cow, the horse, the ducks, and the sheep.

In the play “Neha’s Alarm clock” in NCERT class 4, Unit 1 Chapter 2, Do you find Neha’s is a Lazy person?

In the play “Neha’s Alarm clock” shows Neha is a lazy girl as Neha always wants to sleep more and doesn’t want to get up. She even wishes the clock not to work, Sun not to wake up, and even the bird not to wake her up.

What did you understand when Neha’s mother explained about the body clock in chapter 2 of unit 1 in class 4 English?

Mother explained concept of Habit as the body clock and made Neha understand in a creative way how habits are built.