NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Grammar Chapter 19 Story Writing updated for academic session 2024-25 for CBSE and State Board students. Learn here about writing interesting stories with simple way. Story should be simple and should contain each main incidents.

Class 4 English Grammar Chapter 19 Story Writing

Class: 4English Grammar
Chapter: 19Story Writing

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Story of Srawan Kumar

Once upon a time there was a very obedient son. His name was Shrawan Kumar. His parents were very old. They were blind, too. He looked after them well. He respected his parents by heart. One day they said to him, “We are very old and won’t live long. Now we want you to take us to some holy places.” Shrawan Kumar did as they wished. He carried them from one holy place to another in two baskets on his shoulders.

One day when they were crossing from a jungle his parents felt thirsty. He went to a nearby river to bring some water. As the water flowed into the pot it made a sound. Dasharatha, the King of Ayodhya, heard the sound. He thought that some wild animal was drinking water. He was a great hunter. He at once shot an arrow in the direction from which the sound came. The arrow struck Shrawan Kumar. He gave out a painful cry.

The King at once went to him. Shrawan Kumar said to him. “O King, my end is near. My parents are very thirsty. They will die of thirst if they don’t get water soon. Please go to them and give them water to drink” saying this the boy died.

Story of Next-door Neighbours

The Aroras and the Sharmas were next-door neighbours. One day Mrs. Arora entered the gate of Mr. Sharma’s house and, in an angry voice, called out to Mrs. Sharma, “Hey! Mrs. Sharma! Where are you? Just see what your darling son Sonu has done! First, He plucked flowers from our garden. Then, when my son Gagan objected to it, he called him names. What a bad boy he is!”

At that time Mrs. Sharma was in the bathroom. She was washing clothes. She hurriedly came out and very politely said, “Hello, Mrs. Arora! Why did you take all the trouble of coming here? You should have called me. I’m really very sorry for Sonu’s behaviour. I’ll punish him. Besides, I’ll teach him to treat the children in the neighbourhood as if they were his own brothers and sisters.” Mrs. Sharma called out to Sonu and said, “Sonu, you behaved very badly today. Why did you call Gagan names and why did you pluck their flowers?”

“Mamma,” Sonu tried to justify his behaviour, “Gagan wasn’t letting me pluck flowers. But, you know, I like flowers very much.” “Look here, Sonu,” Mrs. Sharma said, “a neighbour’s house should be regarded as our own. We should never spoil its beauty. We should help them to maintain its beauty.

“Flowers are beautiful to look at. They add to the beauty of the house. So we should never pluck them.
“You called Gagan names. You are at fault. You should not quarrel with the children in your neighbourhood. You should not call them names. If you do such bad things, they won’t play with you. Then where will you go to play, and who will you play with?

“Now go to Gagan and her mother. Feel sorry for your bad behaviour. Assure them that you won’t do such things again.” “Sonu realized his mistake. He said, “I am very sorry, Mamma. Please forgive me. I’ll go to Gagan and make friendship with him. I’ll ask for forgiveness from him and his mother. In future I won’t call anybody names. I won’t quarrel with anyone. I’ll be a good friend to everybody.

What is story writing in Chapter 19 of Class 4 English Grammar?

Story writing is an art. It is a work of imagination that is written in easily understandable grammatical structure. A short story is meant to be read in a single sitting and therefore it should be as direct and brief as possible. To write a good story the writer needs to have a clear plot in his mind.

What is the format of story writing in Class 4 English Grammar Chapter 19?

Typically story writing has five key elements:
1. Character (fewer is better)
2. Setting (brief but poetic and vivid)
3. Plot (as simple and interesting as possible)
4. Conflict (intense but one)
5. Theme (relating to majority of readers).

What are the 5 parts of a story structure in standard 4 English Grammar Chapter 19?

The plot of a story consists of five parts:
1. Exposition (originally called introduction)
2. Rising action (rise)
3. Climax.
4. Falling action (return or fall)
5. Catastrophe, denouement, resolution, or revelation.

Class 4 English Grammar Story Writing
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