NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Political Science Chapter 1 Political Theory an Introduction in English and Hindi Medium updated for new academic session 2024-25. All the question answers of class 11 Political Science chapter 1 are taken from 11th NCERT Political Theory designed for intermediate students.

Politics is more than what politicians do. Do you agree with this statement? Give examples.

I agree with the statement that politics is more than what politicians do as:

    • Politicians as a part of government are involved in politics but politics is not limited to their activities.
    • Politics involve a number of negotiations that go on in society through which collective decisions are made.
    • Politics involve the actions of government and its relation to the aspirations of the people.
    • Politics involve the struggle of people and its influence on decision making.
    • People are engaged in political activity to promote social development and resolve common social problems.
    • People negotiate with each other and participate in collective activities that are designed to promote social development and resolve common problems.

For example, residents of localities form associations to solve their common problems and raise these issues at higher level.
Students form unions in colleges and universities to debate and resolve issues that affect the majority of them.
Thus, politics is involved in the sphere of life that is related to power, collective decision-making and solving common problems etc.

Vigilant citizens are a must for the successful working of a democracy. Comment.

Vigilant citizens are the one who are aware of the societal problems and raise their voice to redress the issues of common people. These citizens are a must for the successful working of a democracy.

    1. Vigilant citizens are the ones who create awareness among the masses for their rights and the government policies that affect their day to day life.
    2. The awareness and voices raised due to the awareness lead to discussion at the governmental platform.
    3. They force the government to make policies for the goodwill of humans and work up against the same if it hampers the rights of common people.
      Therefore, vigilant citizens unofficially check the accountability of the government policies and action, and hence they are must for a democratic nation.

In what ways is the study of political theory useful for us? Identify four ways in which political theory can be useful to us?

Political theory is useful to us as it helps us to understand the meaning of political concepts by looking at the way they are understood and used in ordinary language. Political theories debate and examine the different meanings and opinions from diverse contexts in a systematic manner.
The four ways in which the political theory can be useful to us, are:

    1. It helps in understanding how the constitutions of the country are shaped in a definite manner, how governments and social lives are arranged in a systematic manner by studying and understanding the ideas and principles that are at their base.
    2. It shows the implication of various principles such as rule of law, separation of power, judicial review etc.
    3. It helps the bureaucrats, politicians, government officers and advocates to infer the laws and constitution. It also helps in understanding the problems of society and look at the different ways to solve them.
    4. It encourages the individuals to examine their ideas and feelings about political things so that they can become reasonable in their ideas and feelings.
Do you think that a good/convincing argument can compel others to listen to you?

Yes, I agree that a good argument can compel others to listen. The knowledge of political theory help one to think reasonably and provide authentic logic with the help of factors like freedom, justice and equality.
This makes the argument an informed one and makes others to listen because:

    • Everyone who is rationale always takes interest in debates, conversation or interactions to reach at a better decision
    • Every individual is impressed with the logic and rational points to be convinced upon.
    • In a positive way, if I make the efforts to convince others, they will listen to me very carefully.
    • In a discussion or debate, even people contribute to make their doubts clear and get convinced. So, good and convincing arguments can compel others to listen us.
Do you think studying political theory is like studying mathematics? Give reasons for your answers.

Studying political theory is not like studying mathematics as mathematics deals with precise concepts and patterns while political theory studies human beings and their ideas in the context of power and decision-making. In mathematics, there are single definitions of terms.
Studying political theory is not like studying mathematics because:

    1. Unlike mathematics, political theory has many definitions and meaning of a term. Example in Mathematics the meaning of square, triangle is one that they are solid figure, but in the later there could be several meanings of the term freedom, equality etc.
    2. Mathematics is the study of precise contexts and patterns whereas Political theory is the study of human beings and their ideas.
    3. The concept in mathematics is derived and constant whereas in political theory concepts are variance and open.
NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Political Science Chapter 1
Class 11 Political Science Chapter 1
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