NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Computer Science Chapter 8 Computer Ethics, Crime and Security updated for new session 2024-25. Grade 6 computer book chapter 8 is one of the most important chapters which explains about cyber security and other computer ethics.

Introduction to Computer

This age is the age of computers. Computers are used in almost every field, like education, business, manufacturing, banking, designing, entertainment, defence, research and development etc. They are everywhere, be at homes, schools, shops, offices, railway stations, airports, research centres and hospitals. It is one of the greatest inventions. But some great inventions can also be used by bad people to cause harm, similarly computers can also be used to cause harm.


We should use computers for the benefit of the society. We use computers with some moral principles. Ethics are beliefs/rules or set of all these principles. These rules differentiate between the right and the wrong. Ethics are most important in one’s day to day life also.
A mature thinking, which a person develops over a period of time is very important as it has experiences behind it. So, parents, teachers and elders are supposed to exercise some authority over their children. Generally children are not supposed to make good and mature decisions. Ethical sense in the young people is considered a serious matter. The elders should keep a watch on them and show the youngers the right path. Good behaviour is helpful for the society as well as it also helps in bringing together all the fractions of a society. Behavioiur is generally judged by the intention of a person. You all know that every development has a positive as well as a negative aspect also.

The advancement of technology makes it possible for unethical and criminal activities to be carried out in a more sophisticated and systematic way. To avoid the misuse of technology children should be aware of moral and ethical issues, and must develop a good sense and social responsibilities. There are always some bad elements in the society who violate the rules either for money or for fun or to settle some personal scores. The problems of computer ethics is more or less like other general ethical problems. There are many major ethical issues in computer world nowadays.


Piracy is the act of making illegal copies of video tapes, computer programs, books, etc. in order to sell them. Nowadays software piracy is at its peak. Pirated software is a very dangerous trend. It gives losses to everyone, from developers to sellers and to the software users. It has a significant impact on the economy also as it leads to job losses and revenue losses to the companies as well as to the nation. We must avoid using pirated software. Some forms of software piracy are given below.

All software is licensed. When someone uses the copied software without the appropriate licence, it is called end-user piracy. It includes both copying and distribution.
You can download various things (images, music tracks, software) from the Internet. You must make sure that the downloads available on the Internet are authorized by the owner or publisher for distribution. Use of unauthorized copies downloaded from the Internet falls under Internet piracy.
Some computer manufacturers install software in their computers and sell them to the users. This is a legal process. But when a computer manufacturer takes one copy of a particular software, and illegally installs it on more than one computer, it comes under the . Pre-installed software piracy The best thing to avoid pre-installed software piracy is that you must lookout for proper license documentation when purchasing a new computer, to ensure that you are being given legal software.


Counterfeiting means; to make an exact copy in order to cheat people into thinking that it is the real thing. This is also done in the case of software. The process of making and distributing illegal copies of software packages that reproduce the developer’s packages is counterfeiting. The illegal copies resemble the original copy. But these are duplicate copies.

You may find many items for sale on internet. This is called Online Auction. But it does not mean that these items are authorised for sale by a third party. This is also applicable in the case of software. It means selling of software that is never authorized for resale by a third party. Sometimes online distributors use legal terms and phrases to fool users. Itbn is known as online Auction Piracy. So, don’t fall into their trap. It is a fact that the price of original software is sometimes too high, but you must not use illegal copies which are cheap and easily available.

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