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Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 10 is, am, and are

To learn perfectly we will use many illustration with answers. Here we will study about Is, Am and Are as Linking verbs. Here we will learn the uses of ‘Is’, Am and ‘Are’. Now read the following sentences and learn the uses of IS, AM and ARE.

    • I am Aakash.
    • I am a student.
    • I am a good boy.
    • You are Ritu.
    • You are my classmate.
    • We are good friends.

7. She is Priya.
8. She is a pretty girl.
9. She is in my class too.
10. He is Ankit.
11. He is an intelligent boy.
12. It is his new cycle.
13. Priya and Ankit are my friends.
14. They are very helpful.

Note: Is, Am, Are refer to the present time.

Use of Singular and Plural

I am We are
You are You are
He, She, It is They are
Fill in the blanks with is, are and am:
    • 1. I ________ a teacher.
    • 2. You __________ a doctor.
    • 3. We ____________ good friends.
    • 4. It _________ a new car.
    • 5. Ramayana _____________ an epic.
    • 6. Aman _________ my brother.
    • 7. The shop ___________ closed today.


    1. am
    2. are
    3. are
    4. is
    5. is
    6. is
    7. is
Select the correct word given in the brackets:

1. You ___ a player. (am, are)
2. They ___ teachers. (is, are)
3. Miss Mary ____ a teacher. (am, is)
4. Mr. Gupta _____ a principal. (am, is)
5. He ____ a doctor. (am, is)
6. It ____ a monkey. (am, is)
7. She ____ a Bengali. (is, am)

1. are
2. are
3. is
4. is
5. is
6. is
7. is

Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 10 Is, Am, and Are
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