Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 7 Adjectives or Describing Words in PDF file format updated for academic session 2022-2023 applicable for CBSE and State board students. All the contents are updated according to latest CBSE Curriculum term 1 and term 2 examination. Download assignment and worksheets to practice the concepts based on Adjectives and be confident in all aspect of English Grammar for Grade 2 Chapter 7 Adjectives.

Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 7 Adjectives

An adjective is a describing word used with a noun or pronoun. It is used to describe a noun or a pronoun and provides more information about them. It is one of the most important tools in English Grammar to enhance the beauty of sentence and make the sentences simpler. See the illustrations given below to understand Adjectives in better way.

    • My study room is small.
    • He is a poor man.
    • Sonal is smart.

The words small, poor, and smart describe the noun ‘study room’, ‘man’ and ‘Sonal’. So they are adjectives.

Some more examples

    • 1. This is a red rose.
    • 2. This is a big house.
    • 3. This is a hot drink.
    • 4. This is a thick book.
    • 5. This is a beautiful scenery.

Words red, big, hot, thick, beautiful are describing word.

Check Yourself

Choose correct adjectives given in the brackets.
1. In summers we like to drink ___ water. (cold / hot)
2. A ____ building is there in my town. (tall / fast)
3. We wear ___ clothes in winter. (warm / cold)
4. He is a _____ man. (poor / sharp)
5. A giraffe is a ___ animal. (wild / domestic
6. This is an ___ story. (interesting / ugly)
7. The dinosaur was a ___ animal. (huge / small)
8. I like to see _____ movies. (comedy / big)

1. cold
2. tall
3. warm
4. poor
5. wild
6. interesting
7. huge
8. comedy

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Class 2 English Grammar Adjectives