Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 6 Pronoun and its uses in sentences updated for CBSE and State Board academic session 2022-2023 free to download in PDF file format. All the contents are free to use online or offline without any login or registration. Class 2 Grammar book chapter 6 contains examples and pullouts based on Pronoun and its various kinds. Pronoun are also very useful term in Grade 2 English Grammar just like Noun and Adjectives.

Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 6 Pronoun and its Uses

A pronoun is a word used in place of a noun. Using the following paragraphs we try to understand about the necessity of pronoun:
Paragraph without using Pronouns
Roshni is a good girl. Roshni is gentle. Roshni is well mannered. Roshni respects her parents and teachers. Roshni is honest and truthful. Roshni is intelligent too.

The same paragraph has been rewritten using Pronoun:
Roshni is a good girl. She is gentle. She is well mannered. She respects her parents and teachers. She is honest and truthful. She is intelligent too.

    • The Paragraph-A sounded odd because of the repetition of the noun Roshni. In the Paragraph-B Roshni is represented by ‘she’ and ‘her’. Thus ‘she’ ‘her’ are Pronouns.
Use of Pronouns

‘I’, ‘we’, ‘you’, ‘me’, ‘us’ are used for both male and female.
‘He’, ‘him’, ‘his’ are used for male persons only.
‘She’, ‘her’, ‘hers’ are used for female persons only.
‘It’ is used for an animal, a place or a thing.
‘They’ and ‘Them’ are used for more than one person, animal, place or thing.

Let us know more uses of Pronouns
    • 1. My name is Reena.
    • 2. I am a girl.
    • 3. I read in Class-II.
    • 4. I and Swati are friends.
    • 5. We play games together.
    • 6. We go to school together.
    • 7. You are Mayank.
    • 8. You are my elder brother.

Here I, we, you are pronouns.

He, She, It and They
    1. Lalit is a gardener. He waters the plants.
    2. Raju is a postman. He delivers letters.
    3. Aanvi goes to school every day. She is a good girl.
    4. Mrs. Sharma is a teacher. She Teaches English.
    5. Bujo is a pet dog. It is brown in colour.
    6. Mohit and Aman are good friends. They Help each other in need.

Check Yourself

A. choose correct pronoun from bracket to complete each sentence.
1. This is my photograph. am in a red frock. (I / You)
2. The farmers work hard. grow food for us. (They / We)
3. Sonam is my sister. is in Class II. (She / He)
4. Sweta and I are friends. live in the same building. (They / We)

1. I
2. They
3. She
4. We

Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns from the box to complete the second sentence. (We, She, They, You, It)

1. Aman, Amrita and Rina are playing. _____ are playing hide and seek.
2. Roshni is talking on her mobile. ______ is talking to her mother.
3. Mohit, keep quiet. _______ are making noise in the class.
4. You have a nice pen. _____ is looking costly.
5. Sandeep and I are classmates. ____ study together.


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