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Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 3 Words Making

When we speak and write, we use words; because words carry meaning. We use letters to make words. Before learning the sentences, we must perfect to form Words and know their meaning. Here we will learn how to make words using letters through examples and assignments. See the examples given below about how the Words are being made.

    • b, a and t make bat.
    • d, o and g make dog.
    • b, o and y make boy.

The letter b, a, and t themselves have no meaning. When we join them together as b a t we get the word ‘bat’. The word ‘bat’ carries meaning.

Jumble Word

A. Put the mixed-up letters together properly to make words, as shown:

i, g, l, r
c, r, a
o, o, b, k
i, h, f, s
l, a, p, m
e, p, n
g, d, o
t, c, a
c, e, i
h, u, r, s, o
o, t, p
k, c, a, e

    • girl
    • car
    • book
    • fish
    • lamp
    • pen
    • dog
    • cat
    • ice
    • hours
    • pot
    • cake.
B. Join the following letters to make words:

m + o + o + n =
g + i + r + l =
d + o + l + l =
s + t + a + r =
f + i + s + h =
s + h + i + p =
s + h + i + p =
f + r + o + g =
b + a + l + l =

    • moon
    • girl
    • doll
    • star
    • fish
    • ship
    • frog
    • ball
C. Make meaningful words by rearranging the letters:
    1. lgri
    2. labl
    3. tkie
    4. grin
    5. ofto
    6. fkeni
    7. sdke
    8. obko
    9. ofdo
    10. heda

1. girl
2. ball
3. kite
4. ring
5. foot
6. knife
7. desk
8. book
9. food
10. head

Fill in the missing letters to make words:

__r__ __ (Name of an amfibian animal)
s__ __ (Source of light)
c__a__r (Name of a furniture)
t__b__e (Name of a furniture)
a__p__e (Name of a fruit)
s__e__p (Name of an Animal)
b__a__ (Name of A ship)
f__a__g (National Sign)
l__ __f (Part of a tree)
o __ l (Name of a bird)


Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 3 Words
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