Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 11 Use of was and were with suitable examples updated for new academic session 2023-2024 CBSE and Home board who are using NCERT based books. All the contents are now in updated format free to use online or download in PDF. Assignments related to words WAS and WERE are given here, so that students can practice properly to learn the subject. Class 2 English Grammar study material is also available on Tiwari Academy App, which free to use.

Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 11 Was and Were

Is, am and are show present time. Was and were show past time. Here we will learn about the way to use WAS or WERE in sentences. Examples based on WAS and WERE are given below for practice. Now we will learn the use of ‘was’ using examples. We use ‘was’ for a singular noun or pronoun.

    • The house was small.
    • Preeti was absent yesterday.
    • Yesterday was Monday.
    • She was ill.

Use of ‘were’

We use ‘were’ for ‘you’ and a plural noun or pronoun.
1. You were playing.
2. Children were playing.
3. They were not happy.
4. We were lucky.

Use of ‘was’ and ‘were’.
    1. I was in Class-I last year.
    2. Aman was absent yesterday.
    3. My grandfather was an honest man.
    4. He was very ill last month.
    5. You were not at home last evening.
    6. Krishna and Sudama were very good friends.
    7. They were celebrating Mohit’s birthday on Monday.
Singular Plural
I was We were
He, She, It was You were
Ravi was They were
Fill in the Blanks with ‘was’ or ‘were’:

1. I ___________ late for school yesterday.
2. My parents ____________ happy with my result.
3. Children of olden days ___________ simple.
4. We _____________ happy to meet our aunt after a long time.
5. They ___________ in trouble.

1. was
2. were
3. were
4. were
5. were

Fill in the Blanks with ‘is’, ‘am’, ‘are’, ‘was’ and ‘were’:

1. I ____________ eight years old.
2. Last year, I ___________ seven years old.
3. My mother ____________ a housewife.
4. Tagore ____________ a great poet.
5. It _____________ holiday yesterday.
6. We __________ stuck in rain last night.


    • 1. am
    • 2. was
    • 3. is
    • 4. was
    • 5. was
    • 6. were
Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 11 Use of was and were
Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 11 was and were assignments
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