Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 12 Use of Will be and Shall be in simple sentences. Practice here for Grade 2 English Grammar using assignments and worksheets. Contents are updated for new academic session 2023-2024. These Grammar worksheets are useful not only for CBSE board students but the State board also. Students can download these assignments in PDF file format to use it offline. No login is required to access the practice contents or use solutions on website study material.

Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 12 Will be and Shall be

Will and shall are the helping or linking words in future tense sentences. Similarly the words will be and shall be show the future time. We will learn here the situations where we use will be and shall be. In further classes we will learn about the future tense as a part of tenses. These contents will also be helpful out there to make the sentences in future tense.

Uses of ‘will be’ and ‘shall be’.


    1. I shall be late for school.
    2. I shall be nine years old next year.
    3. We shall be in Mumbai next year.
    4. I shall be in third class next year.
    5. He will not be at home in the evening.
    6. She will be at her aunt’s place tomorrow.
    7. It will be nice if you come along.
    8. Ayush will be annoyed with you.

Note: Will and shall refer to the future time. Shall uses with I and We and will uses with He, She, It, They and You.

Rules for Using of will be and shall be:
Person Noun /Pronoun Examples
First person singular I I shall be at shop tomorrow.
Second person singular you you will be at shop tomorrow.
Third person singular he, she, it he will be at shop tomorrow.
First person plural We We shall be at shop tomorrow.
Fill in the blanks with ‘will be’ or ‘shall be’:

1. I _______ at home in the afternoon.
2. It _______ sunny tomorrow.
3. We _____ in Class-III next year.
4. She ______ a politician.
5. You ______ fine very shortly.


    • 1. shall be
    • 2. will be
    • 3. shall be
    • 4. will be
    • 5. will be
Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 12 Will be and Shall be
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