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Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 13 Words Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

Learn here about the words Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday. Using the sentences, try to understand the the way, in which these words used in the sentences writing. Know the meaning and explanation of the words Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday in daily life conversation. Examples based on Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday are given to simplify the meaning and use of the words.

Yesterday: used for that day which is past.
Today: the day which is going on or present.
Tomorrow: the day which come next of today.

Today Yesterday Tomorrow
Today is Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday. Tomorrow will be Wednesday.
I am ill today. I was ill yesterday. I shall be ill tomorrow
Today is 25th December. Yesterday was 24th December. Tomorrow will be 26th December.
I am at home today. They were in Mumbai yesterday. I shall be at home tomorrow.
They are in Patna today. They were in Kolkata yesterday. They be at home tomorrow.
Answer the Following Questions:

1. Yesterday was 2nd October. What is the date today?

Today is 3rd October.

2. Tomorrow will be Sunday. What is the day today?

Today is Monday.

3. This is the month of March. What was it last month?

Last month was February.

4. Next year I will be Eight years old. How old was I last year?

4. Last year I was six years old.

5. This year I am in Class-II. In which class will I be next year?

5. Next year I shall be in class-III.

6. Last year my friend was in class 7. In which class he will be next year?

Next year he will be in class 9.

Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 13 Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday
Last Edited: January 27, 2022