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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold Unit 5

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Summary of a poem “Zoo manners”

This poem is based on the zoo. In this poem, it is shown that children are watching different-different animals at the zoo. The poet is giving advice to the children to be careful and polite with the animals and don’t harm them and don’t make fun of them. So that the animals will also behave with you in the same way in return. The poet also talks about the camel’s pride, chimpanzee’s wiseness, and penguin’s smartness. He advised children to be disciplined while watching animals in the zoo.

Class 2 English Marigold Chapter 5 (Zoo Manners) Question and Answers

Who wrote the poem “Zoo manners”?

Eileen Mathias wrote the poem “Zoo manners”.

Read the poem “Zoo manners” and find out some new words from the poem.

The new words from the poem are:
1. Proud
2. Noble
3. Wise
4. Penguins
5. Remarks
6. Strutting

Make sentences using the words proud and wise.

1. I am proud of you my boy.
2. He is a very wise person.

What do you see at the zoo?

We see different-different animals and birds at the zoo.

What does the camel have on its back?

The camel has a hump on its back.

Have you been to a zoo?

No, I haven’t been to a zoo.

Make sentences using the words this and that?

1. This is my copy.
2. That book is not mine.

summary of the story “Funny Bunny”

This story is about a foolish bunny. One day the bunny was sitting under a tree when one nut fell on him. He became so scared and wrongly thought that sky was falling. The bunny decided to tell this matter to the king and walked towards. On his way, the bunny saw a hen, a cock, a duck, and a goose and tell everything about the sky falling to them. They all decided to join the bunny and they all went to find out the king. There they all met a clever fox who said that she would take them to the king’s home. But, the fox was so clever that she took them to another place and ate all of them.

Question: After reading the story “Funny bunny”, write some new words from the story.

Answer: The new words are:
1. Nut
2. Ouch
3. Met
4. Off
5. I’m
6. I’ll
7. We’re

Question: Fill in the blanks.
1. One day, ________ (a nut/the sky) fell on funny bunny.
2. Funny bunny wanted to tell ________ (the king/ the cock/ the sky) what he saw.

1. a nut
2. the king

Question: Who said these words in the story?
1. “Ouch! The sky is falling down.”
2. “I must tell the King.”
3. “The King lives here.”
4. “Follow me.”

1. Funny Bunny
2. Funny Bunny
3. Woxy Foxy
4. Woxy Foxy

What happened to all the animals in the end?

In the end, Woxy Foxy ate all the animals.

Find the opposites of the given words and make sentences:
WordOpposite WordSentence
FatThinAmit is very thin.
FallRiseThe sun rises from the east.
StartStopThe car stops at the red light.
ComeGoI will go to the mall.
BigSmallRani looks like a small doll.

Question: Fill in the blanks with the right word:
I read a funny story of a funny rabbit. One day, a nut ______ (fell/fall) on his head. He thought that the sky ___ (is/was) falling. So, he ____ (go/went) to tell the King. On the way, he met different animals. All of them _____ (join/joined) him. At last, they ____ (meet/met) a clever fox. It took them to a forest and _____ (eat/ate) them all up.


Rearrange these words to form sentences

on/Funny Bunny/fell/a/nut/one day.

One day a nut fell on Funny Bunny.

falling/down/the/sky/is/said/Funny Bunny.

“The sky is falling down” said Funny Bunny.


I must tell the King.


The King lives here.

Change only one letter of each word and make another rhyming word.
Original WordChanged Word
Down Town
Met Wet
Way Ray
King Wing
Soon Noon
Bat Cat

What does the poet in the poem unit 5 chapter 1 from class 2nd wants to say?

The poet in the poem is trying to teach the children manners when being in the zoo in a fun and poetic way so the children don’t provoke the animals.

What does the poet mean when the poet says ‘Don’t laugh too much on a chimpanzee, He thinks he is wise as you and me’ in the poem unit 5 chapter1 from class 2nd Marigold?

The poet tried to say don’t hurt the animal’s feelings by making noises and jokes at them because they can understand too.

Is this poem unit 5 chapter 1 from class 2nd Marigold served the purpose?

The purpose is to make children understand the animals do have dignity and one should respect them too. I think the poet is successful to share this message.

How is the language of poem unit 5 chapter 1 from class 2nd Marigold?

The language used by the poet is easy and natural language there are some new words he used and for that meanings are given below.

What is the story unit 5 chapter 2 from class 2nd Marigold is all about?

The story is about the rabbit who was sleeping and when a nut fell on his head he thought the sky is falling and made tell everyone about it.

Do you think the story unit 5 chapter 2 from class 2nd Marigold is fun for the children?

The story is fun as the rabbit is was struck with the nut and how he made all the other animals realize that the sky is falling.

What do you think about the story unit 5 chapter 2 from class 2nd Marigold?

The story is interesting as children might ask what happens next. When the rabbit and other animals met the King? This makes them discuss the next part of the story.

Do you think the story unit 5 chapter 2 from class 2nd Marigold can be cover in one day?

The story can be cover in one day as it is an interesting story and I suggest reading it again to memorize and learn about all the animals in the story.

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