NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold Unit 2 Chapters 1 I am Lucky and Chapter 2 I Want updated for CBSE session 2024-25. This unit has two interesting poems. These poems are funny and give a message. Through this poem, an attempt has been made to tell children that whatever they have, they should be happy about it and not be sad comparing it to others. NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English not only guides children in the exam, but also helps them better understand the lesson.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold Unit 2

Summary of Poem ‘I am Lucky’

The poem “I am lucky” is based on the feeling/thinking of a young girl.

Read the poem “I am lucky” carefully and answer the questions.

How many creatures were there in the poem “I am lucky”?

6 creatures were there in the poem “I am lucky”.

Name the creatures that were in the poem “I am lucky”

Butterfly, Myna, Fish, Elephant, Kangaroo, and Octopus.

Question: Complete the given sentences:
1. A myna _________.
2. _________ can wriggle.
3. An elephant ______.
4. ______ can hop.
5. You ________.

1. can sing
2. can wriggle
3. can raise his trunk
4. A kangaroo
5. can read and write

Questions: Make sentences using the words Butterfly, Fish, Elephant.

1. The butterfly is very beautiful.
2. The fish lives in water.
3. The elephant is very big in size.

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What can the myna do?

The myna can sing.

Read the poem “I am lucky” carefully and answer the questions.

Why do you think the butterfly likes its wings?

According to me, a butterfly likes its wings because its wings are beautiful and she can fly with the help of these wings.

What can you do- sing/paint/write..?

I can do all three things, that is, I can sing, I can paint, and I can write also.

Do you think the fish was really happy to be in the water?

Yes, according to me the fish was really happy to be in the water.

Question: Fill in the blanks
1. If I were a kangaroo, I would ______.
2. If I were a tiger, I would ________.
3. If I were a fish, I would _________.
4. If I were a bird, I would _______.

1. hop
2. roar
3. swim
4. fly

Question: Add ‘ful’ to the words given in brackets and complete the sentences.

    1. You must be _____ to your friends. (help)
    2. Make a ______ drawing. (colour)
    3. The puppy is so ______. (play)
    4. Be ______ while crossing the road. (care)

1. helpful
2. colourful
3. playful
4. careful

Question: Join the two words to make one word.

    1. Peace + full =
    2. Play + full =
    3. Colour + full =
    4. Care + full =
    5. Hope + full =


    • 1. peaceful
    • 2. playful
    • 3. colourful
    • 4. careful
    • 5. hopeful

Question: Write five things you can do. Start with ‘I can…..’

1. I can draw.
2. I can write.
3. I can jump.
4. I can dance.
5. I can read.
6. I cannot fly but I can run.
7. I cannot cook but I can eat.
8. I cannot crawl but I can walk.

Summary of the story “I want”

This story is about a monkey who wants to become big and strong. A wise woman came to know about this. She gave one magic wand to the monkey to fulfill all his wishes. With the help of a magic wand, monkey first of all, takes a long neck like a giraffe. Then he takes a trunk like an elephant, and at last, he takes stripes like a zebra. Monkey is very happy after getting a long neck, trunk, and stripes. He goes to the river to try his new trunk. He looks into the river. After seeing himself in river monkey cries “help! a monster/devil!”. Monkey’s mother says this is not a monster/devil. This is you. Monkey says I look ugly. I want to be myself again. At last, there is a pop, bang, and whizz, and the little monkey is himself again. Monkey jumps for joy and throws magic wand into the river.

Read the Story “I Want” carefully and Answer the Questions:

Who wrote the story “I want”?

Judy Ling wrote the story “I want”.

What does a little monkey want to be?

A little monkey wants to be strong and big.

Who hears him?

A wise woman hears him.

How does an elephant have a bath?

An elephant fills his trunk with the water and blows the water on himself.

Does the zebra have spots or stripes?

Zebra has stripes on its body.

Why does Little Monkey want to be himself again?

Little monkey wants to be himself again because he finds himself ugly like a monster.

a. True or False

1. The little monkey wants to be big and strong.
2. A wise woman does not hear him.
3. She gives him a wand.
4. The giraffe stretches his long neck.
5. The elephant has no trunk.
6. The zebra has stripes.
7. The little monkey sees a monster in the river.

1. True
2. False
3. True
4. True
5. False
6. True
7. False

Question: What would you do if you had a magic wand?
(i) I would turn it round and round and turn a book into a ______.
(ii) I would turn a dog into a ______.
(iii) I would turn a pencil into a ______.
(iv) I would turn you into a ______.

(i) car
(ii) cat
(iii) pen
(iv) robot

Question: Put the letters in order to make a word.
1. ot
2. si
3. eh
4. gib
5. mih
6. sih
7. reh
8. nac

1. to
2. is
3. he
4. big
5. him
6. his
7. her
8. can

Unit 2 (Marigold) of class 2nd English was very nice and interesting. Students learn many things from this unit. Many skills like listening skills, learning skills, speaking skills, etc develop from this unit. From this unit, students can learn that everyone is unique and has his/her own capabilities. Don’t copy anyone.

The poet in the poem unit 2 chapter 1 from class 2nd Marigold says she is lucky? why?

The kid in the poem said she is lucky to be a girl.

Do you think the poem unit2 chapter1 from class 2nd Marigold is easy to memorize?

If the kids keep reciting as instructed in the poem it is easy to learn the poem.

Why the girl in the poem unit 2 chapter 1 from 2nd class Marigold would be thankful to be if she is butterfly or fish?

The girl in the poem would be thankful for the wings if she would be a butterfly and she would be thankful that she can wriggle giggle in the water if she would be a fish.

What do you think in the story unit 2 chapter 2 from class 2nd Marigold the Moral is?

The moral of the story is one should always love himself and never try to be someone else.

In story unit2 chapter 2 from 2nd class Marigold, the Monkey wants to change the length of the neck and nose why?

The monkey wants a long trunk-like elephant’s, and also a giraffe’s neck because he likes how giraffe can eat from a long neck and elephant shower with the trunk.

Do you think the story unit 2 chapter 2 from 2nd class Marigold is easy to understand?

I think the story is easy to understand but has to take the moral of the story.

In the story unit 2 chapter 2 from 2nd class Marigold when the monkey changed the body looks and is frightened to see a new body. What happened?

Monkey’s mother told him he is the one who wished for this body and then the monkey wished to return to his old body.

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