Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 16 Letter and Application Writing with sample format and few applications for practice for exams in session 2024-25. Here we will learn how to write an application in simple format just mentioning the prime purpose. Application Writing is one of the common topic in most of the classes. So this topic is considered as one of the important one.

Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 16 Letter and Application

A letter is defined as a piece of writing that gives the detailed information. Letters are the oldest form of conveying ideas, messages, or thoughts. These are written in easy style using colloquial language. In class 2 English Grammar section we will learn how to write a letter in simple steps. The main content or message of Letter is the BODY. In BODY section, we write the entire message whatever we want to say through our letter.

Some specimen letters and applications

1. An application to the principal of your school asking for leave of absence for two days.

B-7, Surya Model School
15 July 20××
Subject: Application for leave
With due respect, I would like to state that I was suffering from fever. I was under the treatment of a doctor. He had advised me complete bed rest for two days.
Kindly grant me leave for two days, i.e. 21and 22 July 20××.
Yours obediently,
Class II-A

2. A Letter of Father to his Daughter:

C-7, Dwarka, Sec-5
New Delhi
March 12, 20××
Dear Reena
I have received your letter. I am glad to know that you are working hard and also taking care of your health. I am sure
you will do very well in the examination. I have just sent you Rs. 2000.00 by Money Order. We are all well here. Your mom also joins me to wish you best of luck for your examination.
With lots of love
Your father
Shyam Sunder Singh

3. A Letter to Your Younger Brother, Advising Him to Avoid bad company.

K-2/9, Vikashpuri
New Delhi
My Dear Aman,
I have just received your school report. You have failed in all the subjects in your last monthly test. It means you are not taking interest in your studies. You are wasting your time in the company of some bad boys. This is very bad. Aman, my brother, avoid bad company.
I hope you will be careful in future.
Your elder, brother

4. An Application for School Leaving Certificate.

The Principal
Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School
Janakpuri, New Delhi
Subject: Application for school leaving certificate
I beg to say that my works in the Health Department. He has been transferred to New Town. We are leaving for New Town
next week.
Kindly issue me my School leaving Certificate. I have paid all the dues.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Roll No. 3, Class-II-A
Date: 3 July October 20××

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